Weekly Productivity

Yesterday was Eid so naturally, I forgot what day it was, which is Tuesday….which I forgot. And this week I was mostly pretty tired from low-pressure and  that time of the month came. But I meditated a lot and I didn’t become too anxious despite forgetting to take my pills yesterday (Yesterday was Eid, I forgoted). From the efforts I did put in for studying and exercising, I’ll rate my week a 50% job well done 😮

My tasks for this week-

  1. Make a spreadsheet for yourself and everyone who took part in weekly challenge
  2. Exercise 16 minutes (doh, I am on my period. Only 16 is enough….more than enough. Too enough)
  3. Meditate for an hour everyday (7 hours)

How did your week go? What are you planning to get done by next week?

For this week, I’ll share some MBTI tweets-

(I am an INFP, in case you’re wondering 😉 )



DiCaprio’s Message

He used the nomination speech as a chance to raise awareness on a global issue which is mentioned less. We are talking about climate change on a large scale, but his movie gives a more “granular” view of how individual indigenous people are dealing with it.Here’s my favorite line: “speak for the indigenous people….whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed”

DiCaprio got on the front cover of out news papers today. And I mention again, only his Oscar was highlighted 😀 Teehee! Here’s a picture:


What do you mean there were two other women in that picture? I didn’t cut them out! Well…who do those women think they are posing in a picture with him….if they were there? :p (LOL!)


I Love & Hate…

I’m going to do the challenge Sophie nominated me for and it’s called the Love/Hate Challenge. The rules are simple. Just list down the ten things you love and the ten things you hate, then tag other people to do the challenge.

10 Things I love:
  1. Free time
  2. Blogging
  3. Cad-bury Dairy Milk with Almonds
  4. Grape Juice
  5. Chocolate Flavored Food (that’s edible :P)
  6. Buffets because it’s all you can eat. Or food.
  7. Victory Day (of Bangladesh. To remember the people who shed blood to make this an independent country.)
  8. Happy People
  9. Romance
  10. My dear readers ❤
  1. Thinking about things I hate as I write this.
  2. Duck-faces
  3. Selfies (they are usually taken at an angle that makes them look totally different from what they look like in reality 😮 Yes, I take them xD But I don’t share them on social media…anymore…)
  4. Negative people
  5. Narcissists
  6. Perfume (allergies 😥 )
  7. Smell of raw eggs (I still have the smell it’s my finger, ew!)
  8. People who aren’t feminists. (Don’t believe I am equal to you in worth as a human being? Or do you think I am superior? Neither makes you a feminist though :I)
  9. People who only talk about “above the surface” bullsh*t. Small talks sucks monkey balls (thanks for teaching me this phrase, C.S. Wilde!)
  10. The end of fun things. This is probably the end of the list 😥

I tag….

Timeless Lady




issue bytes






I nominate every freakin’ person on the planet who wants to do the challenge as well!