I don’t write so often


I am using a random image to help me write. I feel weird writing because I feel talking is better for me (how weird of me to “say” that). I can’t figure out WHAT I want to write. I learnt the tip to not edit while you write, but it’s hard to bullshit so long without any edits. I almost talked about politics.

I am trying to get myself to write because “If you didn’t write it down, did it happen?” (Quote taken from video The Power of Writing). As I read back to my previous entries, I wonder how much has happened….that WOULDN’T have happened, if I didn’t write it to remember it (Makes sense?). There’s a lot of mindsets I shift through from time to time and I wonder how wonderful it would’ve been if I had written every day to record my changes.

Oh look, my post has nothing to do with the writing image-prompt. This should show you how my brain tries to deal with me. Moving on, I’ve been seeing more articles on the importance of writing more nowadays. I’ve read the advice of journaling both from a marine and a blog-post (a blog-post about growing mental resilience). They both told of the importance of knowing yourself, your problems, etc That confidence comes with clarity. Well…writing is tough (says me). I can’t help myself to not go off tangents. When writing, from time to time, I stop myself and say, “This thought shouldn’t be available!”.

It probably took half an hour to write these three paras. No wonder I don’t write much these days *trudges into Cave of Unclarity”.

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Share Your World

Week seventeen’s Share Your World prompt from Cee’s Photography is for the following questions:

When writing by hand, do you prefer to use a pencil or a pen?

Pen because it’s more environment friendly, even though I like pencil more because it makes my handwriting neater. But pencil makes my writing slower when I might be feeling particularly……creatively passionate. And that’s not fun when I need a release. The volcano don’t stop for no slow pencils….unless they’re more friendly, dormant kind of volcanoes, then they’ll be…..as futile as my attempt at humor.

I can write faster in English than in Bangla (even though Bangla is my native language) which is why I write in English more. I actually don’t remember tha last time I wrote Bangla 😮 It’s been so long.

Nevertheless I prefer typing the most because it’s the fastest and the most environment friendly of all three of the options, not wasting lead, wood or paper. I am such a fool for these things. I don’t use pencil unless it’s to underline favorite lines from the books I read.

Here’s a funny going-green joke- What did the ground say to the earthquake? — You crack me up!

Haha, earthquakes are scary.

Whats you your choice: jigsaw, word, maze, or numerical puzzles?

Jigsaw. If you saw my response above, you know I get distracted easily. And this is probably the least distracted I’ve been….or not. I was too distracted to remember. But maze is more of a pattern-recognition kind of game, which I LOVE! I am all about recognizing patterns between things instead of focusing on the specifics. One little thing can launch a whole lot of ideas that are connected to…whatever one little thing that….was. Erm. So jigsaw puzzles because I recognize patterns very quickly. And no to word and numerical puzzles, those that uses the logical side of my brain, which I detest so much.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

If I lived in a planet without any other person, I would prefer bald. It’s comfortable and no one has to see me. I don’t think there would be any definition of beauty if we didn’t have others to ‘have’ beauty for. I think ‘beauty’ wouldn’t even exist and we’d just go bald for comfort because hair ain’t fun to manage…….But because I live amongst the people, I prefer long hair. I am such a fake

List five of your favorite blogs.

Aww man! There are so many blogs that I literally have a bunch of lists (12 currently) to ‘rotate’ within every couple weeks so I can visit all of them. I can’t just choose five 😦 I’ll just choose from the last 5 blogs I liked posts from-

My Curious Monde

A Certain Point of View

They, You and Me

My Better Than Yesterday Project

What are you grateful for from the past week and what are you looking forward to in the coming week?

I think I am going to be grateful for today because one boy who kept criticizing and making fun of me made me realize how easily I get hurt. My petty mind got hurt by the words from another petty mind. I think I wouldn’t have gotten hurt if the others hadn’t laughed along. Although I did give some funny comebacks to the guy (and I knew I was funny because others laughed longer at sh*t I was sayi). But I didn’t want to reply unless it was funny because….I didn’t want to take this seriously. But I did. I was so hurt when I came home.

I should do what the other girls do to him, hit him with a book…..lightly, although he actually enjoys it when girls do that. Hit him with books that is. No I won’t do it. They actually give him smacks too but I can see it in his eyes that he likes the attention he gets. I strongly feel like he likes getting smacked (ew, just thinking of it) What is wrong

with the people around me? What can I do to combat this?

Image result

Should I imagine him in a Princess Tutu costume everytime he tries one on me? 0_0

I want to be grateful for this experience because it taught me I wasn’t as ‘all that’ as I thought I was, character-wise xD

Anyway! It’s been a while since I wrote something more personal. I haven’t been able to write much because my head would go blank when I sit here -_- I decided on using questions to prompt me.

I tried to work on the title so much. I started with “Share your world (and your nuts)”. I…I don’t know. I am craving some cashews. No, someone read this post while I had that title >_<

Monthly Blogger Love

Woman stands up for Alton Sterling.Jonathan Bachman /Reuters.


From Tony Single-

Why do you also Write To Heal?
T: I have to. That’s the simplest answer. I have depression, severe body image issues, and I can’t grow a manly beard to save my life. I’ve spent decades of my life pretending I have it all together. I clearly don’t.- Writing To Heal Feature

From 18 year writer at When You’ve Been Abused

If it’s one of those days where life is just crazy and there is a lot going on that I feel like I need to think about I sit down roughly an hour before bed and write a list. This list consists of things that I need to think about. I find this interesting because it places value onto my thinking time.Insomnia is a gross feeder.

From A Life Less Ordinary

Listening and being aware of others is so important when doing an act of kindness. This allows you to be much more capable of seeing opportunities. It’s when the action meets the need where the magic really happens so notice….- Simple Kindness Promotes Big Happiness!


Once upon a time, almost a year ago. ROB nominated me to do a free-writing challenge. It’s a challenge where I dump thoughts on this post and leave the words as they are, WITHOUT EDITING. This post is the reason why I have to edit, just how random my train of thought is and how many mistakes I make.And I DO like talking! (You’ll know why I randomly said that when you finish reading the post) Just when it’s with people I am close to or when the subject of conversations is around topics I am passionate about, I just can’t bring myself to talk just about anything.  I can’t make any sense if I don’t edit my horrifying grammar. I feel so weak and vulnerable. Here I go-

I made a mistake on the first try, so this is my second attempt. Not on the first try. Well, actually on the first try. More like in the first likne. I mean ‘line’. Boomchicaboom. Boom-Chicka-Maro. Maro-chica-maro-re.

The song basically says to kill rats. ‘Chica” means “rats” in my country, not girls/ DSSo….I mean so the song isn’t telling you to kill your girl-friends, lol. It says, “In the morning, in the afternoon, kill them rats. kill them rats”. I don’t know how who I mean, actually cqame…I mean came up with this song. They were probably infested with rats. It’s a real song. Here’s the link to the original song: LINK. It should be added to the wierd side of youtube. “maro chica maro re…maro chica maro ree….”

The main reason I  am writing this post bis….is because I feel like I am losing my self. Myself. Well, I don’t mean starting a post on a topic like that ranodomly, but I mean that I’ev been writing less and less……..personally since my IAL’s tests. It’s gonnna be a whole year of torture. Educational torture. “Maro education, maro re” ugh, no point to singing, education is always lurking around me, jumping at me from time to time. Lurking it’s ugly educational head. No that doesn’t make sense. I mean…ji….hiding it’s ugly educational head. Hiding, no wait, what’s the difference between this and ‘lurking’? Not much.Maro Mon maro ree…..amar mon-reeee maroo ree…..I am becoming quite……

Noooo. HMosquitoes are biting me. At least I am not those lost refugee-kids, like those kids who lost their parents there in Aleppo have serious mosquito bites and it’s worrying, they say that all night is spent on scratihing their bodies. BPoor things don’t have mosqueto nets, but how would you fix a mosquito net outside? there’s been so many terrible news of late. I’ll be reading less news from now on, just so I can focus more on studying. Whether I read the news or not, my reading isn’t doing any change.

Yesterday I straight out said to a girl that I didn’t like talking. NO! I wasn’t trying to be mean! I LITERALLY thought she would get it because she is very quiet too, and I thought we would silently relate on being introverts. But she was surprised and just went, “Waaaaa,, don’t you like talking?” Anti-social freak I am, I nerviously replied, “No”.


10 Mon Facts & Domain Woes

Thank you Miss Ky for a the award nomination :3- Encouraging Thunder Award

 Why I started blogging

The reason I started blogging was because I thought I would get a free website……without the “.wordpress” added to the hot “.com” 😥 Boy was I wrong! I thought I could make some good adsense money off of my writing…. oh well. But I am planning on getting “serious” with blogging in the near-distant, distant future.Maybe after I start university. I’ll work on my grammar. I don’t even make that much effort to fix all the grammar issues. I vomit all over the place and…..that.

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This is very dark

I want to first say that, in my opinion, intelligence depends on timing. If you are logical/mathematically-intelligent person who specializes in a particular set of information to get into a job , then you’re intelligent for that. If you are kinesthically-intelligent, you’re most likely someone who is good at sports, etc anything that involves the use of your senses and your body. And people apparently make money by being seen playing (Yeah, I am not really a sports fanatic *big smiles*).

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“MS Word bullied me”

Here’s a comment from my Random Bullshitting (the title IS telling you not to read that) post from one of the bloggers on my cool-list :D- Mike!

I quit using MS Word. It kept telling me to correct my sentences but gave no input on what to fix, just green underscore for inches across my finely crafted hodgepodge of English grammar. I changed things around, I broke down into two sentences, I rewrote the entire thought but it was never good enough for MS Word. I right clicked to get help, it only highlighted the green underscore in blue. In the blue I would select “cut” until I was blue in the face. But no, Microsoft word would never let me be Englishy enough. I was never good enough for MS Word. MS Word bullied me for months until I realized I actually won. I didn’t actually own the genuine copy Microsoft said I owned. I had a little .exe file I had to keep in a zip file because all the scanners picked it up as a virus or pup. This little .exe file would authenticate anything made by Microsoft. Victory was short lived as I have been using Linux for several years now. Not once has Libre Office Writer asked me to change anything it didn’t want. That is until one day I spelled the word “noyjing” and a red underscore appeared. After reading the sentence back to myself and trying various replacement words, Libre Office Writer Kindly offered me the word, “nothing”. Linux is my friend, my pal, my confidant.

You said you had writers block so I left this blathering pointless comment to really prove nothing (or noyjing if you prefer)

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