❤ Me 2 ❤ U (POEM)

I wrote a poem about how it’s hard to love someone (who loves you back) when you can’t love yourself; the feeling that something has to be wrong with the other person if they see something in you that’s beautiful.

Love Me to Love U

The enigma of you seemingly independent of love.

I am curious to study.

 you don’t need a girl like me to be so happy.

But still, what if

you did?

[Rain starts to drizzle]

Drip. Drip. Drop.

Waiting for my bus

you’re sitting in my spot as you

caught me stealing another

hopeless glance at you.

I shiver into my mufflers looking away, again.

And then you straightened your legs, muddy leaves crackled under you

Rising with your fiery presence

overwhelming the wet ambiance

as you take two long, easy strides..towards me.

Towards me!

Unsure what your eyes are telling. Now I can’t look away.

Now I can’t look away.

Are you about to say something?

Oh no, you’re talking.  To me

Wait. What did you just say?

You want to take me out?

You always wanted to?

Why!? I have to say something.

And I said something, but I didn’t hear myself saying it.

Okay. I..it’s just …it’s been so hard and difficult for me.

You’re listening. You’re nodding.

Your mysterious look turned soft, now sad.

You sure about this?

Good Lord.

You don’t have a sense

of what “special” is

if you’re into someone like me.

[Back at home, trying to sleep]

Why would you

hold up a mirror

my reflection looking back,

MY reflection staring back.

As you confessed your affection for this.

You think it can get a chance at love.

This  looking back with terror at me

in the mirror.

That this me…

No, just, this.

That this

is okay to love?

I don’t want you anymore, there must be something

pathetic about you too.


It’s Valentine’s Day!?

Short rant, I promise. Just ranting about Mom and tomorrow’s stupid lovey- day…..

After every disappointed, angry nag from Mom, the first thing I start thinking of is death. I just think how cruel I am, how bad she thinks I am and all that sh*t. I know I am supposed to not care, but each time it’s like an acute hit from her. But whatever, it’s been a while and I don’t care as much, I am better now……I am thinking about Valentine’s Day. Screw it. Why can’t it just be ‘Love Day’? Because love can be any kind of love. But no, it’s Valentine’s Day and V-day doesn’t care if you’re single or not, it’s just gonna be there strutting around like our 5th grade divas.

How to spend valentine’s Day not being miserable:

  • Be grateful that at least it isn’t THAT celebrated in my country so I won’t be reminded of it…..as much
  • Don’t read any blogs with “Valentines’ or any hint of this day, unless it’s about other singles moaning, then read them.
  • Force yourself to read a book every time you think about your exams and how much you hate studying and how much you hate couples.

Gift of Romance

I used to imagine myself with a Japanese guy names Maikue xD So yeah, The acrostic of the poem is his name. (MAIKUE!! AHHH! Okay it’s actually spelled “Maiku” but I needed to add the ‘e’ for my awesome ending).

Gift of romance

Maikue, your voice

As deep as my ache.

Incessant thirst stored within my

Kalpis of desire rimmed by wintry chill.

Untainted, your heart. My love will soon

Expugn it with my red-hot cool

Wow, what a narcissistic poem. I am one hot piece of coolness yo. Okay, LOL. That’s it for today. Noticed I have been writing more poems of late? I am taking a poetry course online 😮 And this one took more than an hour to write. Poetry is damn hard.

Care Package

I have been feeling like writing again 🙂 I should’ve taken the blog-break before. There’s a happiness in blogging whenever you feel like it versus treating it like an obligation.

I am feeling refreshed, We took a walk at night. It was wonderful, also all the decoration outside for the celebration 🙂 There are less people outside; most of the population went to the natural country sides to celebrate Eid.. Which means the streets are clearer and the traffic jam less.

If anyone loves me enough, they’d send me a care-package with:

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