Muh big(ly boring) thoughts

I got exams. I do relaxation techniques everyday. I am holding up pretty well since I dropped one of my depressant without even telling doc. Yes, I had done it before. I know the effects of severe disturbances are unlikely for me but I’ll go back to the pills if I am getting too bugged by the insect in my mind.

I’ve dropped T.V altogether. I mean I have for a long time already. And I am NOT up for listening to bullshit cable-news. I’ve lost hope and only want news from people who first fack-checks news- like James Corbett who does rediculously intensive data analysis and gives proper sources (instead of going “Scientists agree” or “Experts say”, or simply “Sources say” trying to be indefinite). Only thing I disagree with on James Corbett, from as far as I’ve consumed his content, is on  the topic of global warming- he doesn’t believe in it. And I am not into Philip DeFranco because his type of news doesn’t go beyond  America (and how it willl affect other countries and vice versa)


A little anti-govt and anti-media (Video)

The media expects everyone to believe that Assad gassed his own people after the Peace Conference (Peace talks) which would’ve helped the stability of his presidency in Syria- gassing his own people wouldn’t SERVE THAT PURPOSE! Without giving any substantial evidence, the media just showed a (video) picture of a gassed area and expects you to believe it as they say it. I have no clue what to think anymore. I don’t think I can watch CNN, BBC, anything.

What will Putin do though? Accept that Trump will defeat Assad? Or he’ll kill off more US vets in Syria or do more other things than that?

I used to be upset my country was poor. Not only that, all the little, great resources we had were stolen by Western countries.  I am glad we don’t have such a great oil resource in this country. We have ISIS in this country too! What if we had oil? Would Israeli authorities arm the extremists in this country to attack USA and when we have an attack back, it would be blamed on the leader of this country?

I hope people learn that no matter who comes into the US presidency, no matter how much they may oppose wars like this (like Trump did)- that they would eventually become puppets to fill wallets of themselves and/or whoever is controlling them (CIA?). I had some hope Trump wouldn’t become Obama.

Do you ever look at someone and think…

“You look like a Trump-supporter”.

I don’t know, I am always doing this, even with attitudes. I try to make some pattern-recognition (read stereotype, ha) as to who might be a Trump-supporter or not. I’ve seen that Trump supporters tend to be more expressive, confident, big-smiley when they do smile (does that make sense? They have big smiles, I meant) etc Most of them look like they came back from a physical fight because of the…’booming’ look and attitude about them. Usually….according to me.

I don’t know. Do you ever do this? Try to think of someone’s political leanings by their looks and attitudes?

(I am a liberal, BTW)

Random and All Over the Place

Last two times I tried to update on my life, I wrote on US-elections. From today, I hope I can update more on my own life…..Annnnd I have ONE thing on the elections to say ! (hee!) Just as I thought (and mentioned in the last post about Trump slowly transitioning into less Trump-y-isms), now that Trump is slowly dropping the rhetoric he used to get elected (he even removed the ban-Muslim texts from his website) he did this-

I just hope that Trump at least keeps slowly resolving the divide between the groups.And I hope much more of Trump because he is all you’ll have now.

I think an awesome way Republicans and Democrats can slowly get along this year is to avoid social-media all together. A good ol’ media-fast. Because even in hopeful posts like the one above, you’ll see  Twitter users’ hate being spewed on and on.

And I just love leaving random funny tweets here and there in my posts.

Onto more personal things- I keep deleting everything I write. I don’t how to go from where when I can’t pull out random every0day thoughts into my blog like I used. I feel like it is the exams that are getting to me.

Oh and I think I made some friends…..I think? People call anyone who talks to them daily their friends (erm….haha, I mean, that’s how it could go) but I can’t. I just won’t have peace until I fully feel comfortable with the person and I feel like I can share 50% of my thoughts, and that itself is tough to do.

I sit away and sometimes at uncomfortable tables (by which I mean, those awful ones that don’t allow you to put your leg through from under the desk because of the awful ways the stands for the table is placed) just so I don’t have to sit beside anyone. There’s always the pressure to fill in the gaps of silence and I can’t do it unless I can share my real foolish self. I used to have social-anxiety because of a combination of this pressure and the fear of people not liking me (yeah…fear).

Now I don’t fear the other breathing, shitting humans, but rather, I feel more the pressure to talk, the pressure of speaking on things I feel nothing about. I could talk more about the pressure of not being able to fill in the gaps than on the simply everyday petty things like how someone’s dress looked, what I’ve been eating, what I’ve been wearing, where I’ve been going. I like to focus on the reflections on those things than the things itself.

Anyway, here are some things I hope to do today-

  1. Not use Twitter any more today
  2. For every minute I study, I reward myself the same amount of time to read books I enjoy
  3. Do maths in the morning



Fight Bigotry, in Tweets

This is Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet:

The refugee problem gets to me (not only because I am a Muslim but also) because our country wouldn’t be able to defend itself against people from developed countries with their drones, bombs, etc. It hardly got itself out from the English. And then US-backed Pakistanis that take up so much of our history.  My family ‘almost’ got in a refugee crisis but a ‘refugee-camp’ in another city took my mother to safety during war. But here are some tweets against the apple that didn’t fall far from the Donald.

First, two tweets from the singer of “All of me” –

The second is from one of my favorite transwomen youtubers-

From a staff-writer at the Washington Post-

One of my favorite tweeters who give voice to the voiceless-

A terribly accurate argument-

I would do it too-

Although this wasn’t specifically directed against anyone, but this still is worth the mention, from a Unisef worker-

A video on how Trump got bigly

Fine, the answer is obvious, it’s from the support of Republican officials who already agree with Trump (before Trump even happened to the GOP, watch video below). Trump didn’t JUST HAPPEN out of nowhere and me and many others in our country believe that. And that point is perfectly made in the video from 4:49 onto 7:22 minutes.

Thanks to Robert (check out his blog on conflict-management) for clearly explaining what I’ve been trying to find English words for-

I analyze both presidential candidates from a conflict management point of view. While I’m not exactly sure in reference to Hillary Clinton, I *am* sure that Donald Trump will contribute to more conflict, both domestically and internationally. Indeed, he already is inspiring more conflict…..

I actually never thought that in my lifetime I’d see this level of fascism arising from within American society. Donald Trump will create domestic and world conditions which are more unsafe for everyone in it. This is my concern.

I’d much rather take Gary Johnson, who was born in Aleppo (The Onion, ha!) than Donald Trump. (I agree more with liberatarinism than I do with republican, politics is pretty filthy and US government shouldn’t take taxes from it’s citizens….except for helping poor people or minority groups. (Somewhat Marxist Liberatarian?)

Naturally, most people who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump are…..those who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump in presidency. Like Whites, straights and…..non-non-Christians. So they’re more of an ‘every man for themselves’ kind of person (my basic opinion of *most* Republicans, not ALL Republicans). Basically those who value punishment for abortion, no gay marriage and no taxation a lot (My opinion, one or more of these reasons why most republicans vote for Donald Trump)

Democrats are more ‘out-there’ thinkers to me. Believing there’s always someone who’ll need contribution from us as a whole. And everyone needs contributing something to in society to make it work for those who are poor and non-browns, non-straights, etc basically the poor and minorities

I don’t make any distinction between people who DID something and people who supported the deed done** (I know some people won’t agree, and that’s fine) wwhichis why I believe there’s almost no difference between Hillary and Trump- in war policies and their reliability to not con the American people. But the little difference in the message both the candidates sends, in my opinion, is what makes all the difference. And that is to not give the xenophobes the permission to divide.

** this is literally all I have to share on the topic of the doer and the supporter.(although I did share some other things HERE), I have nothing more to add to this. I know LOTS of people will disagree, and that’s alright.I just won’t make distinctions between the voter of the war and the supporter of the war/Saddam-Hussein-style wars….and I have a funny picture to share-

(Comments closed because I don’t want to talk on US-politics on my blog anymore. Hopefully I won’t write anything more on this)

GAhhhh I am hitting PUBLISH! EEEK!