Unmoored From Life (Poem)

Your  supposedly ambitious vision

kept in the pocket of your heart

Your plans for changing your ways


All ill-considered.

Unmoored from life again, this time –

in a more final way.

Thought You’d pass by enjoying it

the easy way. Or so you say….said,

till your time came to a sorry end


❤ Me 2 ❤ U (POEM)

I wrote a poem about how it’s hard to love someone (who loves you back) when you can’t love yourself; the feeling that something has to be wrong with the other person if they see something in you that’s beautiful.

Love Me to Love U

The enigma of you seemingly independent of love.

I am curious to study.

 you don’t need a girl like me to be so happy.

But still, what if

you did?

[Rain starts to drizzle]

Drip. Drip. Drop.

Waiting for my bus

you’re sitting in my spot as you

caught me stealing another

hopeless glance at you.

I shiver into my mufflers looking away, again.

And then you straightened your legs, muddy leaves crackled under you

Rising with your fiery presence

overwhelming the wet ambiance

as you take two long, easy strides..towards me.

Towards me!

Unsure what your eyes are telling. Now I can’t look away.

Now I can’t look away.

Are you about to say something?

Oh no, you’re talking.  To me

Wait. What did you just say?

You want to take me out?

You always wanted to?

Why!? I have to say something.

And I said something, but I didn’t hear myself saying it.

Okay. I..it’s just …it’s been so hard and difficult for me.

You’re listening. You’re nodding.

Your mysterious look turned soft, now sad.

You sure about this?

Good Lord.

You don’t have a sense

of what “special” is

if you’re into someone like me.

[Back at home, trying to sleep]

Why would you

hold up a mirror

my reflection looking back,

MY reflection staring back.

As you confessed your affection for this.

You think it can get a chance at love.

This  looking back with terror at me

in the mirror.

That this me…

No, just, this.

That this

is okay to love?

I don’t want you anymore, there must be something

pathetic about you too.

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Being Six Years Old in the Kitchen #3

delicate brown trickles
slid down the wall
each led by a tiny bead of coffee
shaped like a tear drop

The Stages of Weight Gain

“It’s water weight”   “I’m bloated”   “It’s just a couple pounds, it’ll come right off”  “I’m doing all the right things”…..The last one is just lying to myself

Enter the dragon

The dragon sweeps onwards

Leaving behind memories

Of purple rain.


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Photography: Paul Militaru


Horrible freewriting

Here I am
Writing a poem
‘Poem’ kinda rhymes with ‘am’

No direction. Just writing.
Moms being naggy
I don’t wanna sleep just yet.

Dad’s worried about telling potential groom’s
That I stake pills for an anxiety disorder.
Mom and I are pissed off at his level of dishonesty.

Marriage, wow. I didn’t think this way.
I am so judgemental, want the guy my way.
From my culture but also hates living in this country. Where’s he?

But they won’t force me to wed, they know I myself am enough to scare the grooms away.

And now this is becoming less poems-y. There’s a word for this kind of poem, I forgot.  Whatever.

Hmm I need to fix this poem.

Look at me trying to be a smartass
Critiquing my own poem. Within a poem. I rock, Future Husband. I just do. Just see the bard that I am. Ugh. I sound terrible but

Again my attempt at the poem
This free-writing, braindumping poem
The mosquito-net needs to be fixed.
I needs my sleeps.

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Open Letter To The Guy That Almost Killed Me

Excuse me if you can’t understand my typo filled sentences. That’s because I can’t tuoe anymore. But first off, thank yiu for so many thinhs. I’ve never tasted sand. Not until you ran me over with your motorcycle…

A Love Poem

I see you walking by the coffee shop, right outside of the window
and I throw my mug, smashing the barrier  into
a million little pieces, so that I might be able to reach you

Death By Toxic Throw-Pillow Fumes

My mother has made a friend recently. This friend is a vegan. Now, some of us may be aware of vegans on the internet… You might even recognize the game “find the vegan”. However, my mother found it extremely worrisome when this vegan tweeted….


Image by Paul Militaru

4 Great Videos on Depression


There are a lot of useful videos here and they can be a lot to take in all at once, so I suggest that you either bookmark this page or save the links to watch them later (or again).

Okay to start with the first video….

The emotions and the grief of being misunderstood was portrayed do perfectly. But what bothered me was the audience clapping and shouting (with positive enthusiasm, though) in the midst of this narration. I know it was done from good intention, but this is supposed to raise awareness more than it is an entertainment, that’s how I feel.

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