An ode to our many villages

Loads of fun walking onย  bamboo bridges

Lots of uses with their own little lakes

Life in the slow lane…

Your bosoms, open.

Green lush. Smooth clay kisses my feet.

You clear my heart

of it’s city smoke.

You shouldn’t suffer through

this trash of an excuse

known as “development”.


Don’t get me started on all the baby goats. SO CUTEAAAA

Global warming.

All is fuming.

Longevity shall be

cut by half soon.

We must take flight.

Don’t let the humans get to us.

Me and my family….

And you.

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A Slight Announcement

Hello Reader ๐Ÿ™‚ I have news to bring ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I am going to write more about the things that happen in my life. This could turn into a diary blog.

Also expect baby pictures from time to time, like the one here ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to JudieAnn Rose for allowing me to share the cuteness that is her children ๐Ÿ˜€ I am a big fan of her blog. Being the stalker I am, I scrolled through her many instagram photos and noticed the adorableness they radiated! .

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Rant: 25/6/15


A guy laboring and a women walking with a toddler (I edited the hijab in for the women because… know me :I) I took this pic, yeayawwaalal I also edited out a group of men on the right ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeaya. Why am I yeaya-ing?

I think I will write whatever I like, because that’s what I mostly do.

I suck,

I am supposed to attach a meaningful message/poem to this photo, but like I said,….

I suck.

Oh, I had to take this picture carefully. In a way others couldn’t understand I was taking photos. I don’t know, it’s just that the local men will think I am a crazy simpleton if I take pictures of a sight like this so quite discreetly took this photo.


Notice how the toddler is walking? I don’t think the woman is walking at his “slow-speed”.

What the hell am I doing?

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10 Reasons to Love Myself

A sight of poor, little children playing on the ground.

A simple picture I took of penniless, little children playing on the ground while their parents labored away at hammering bricks for the rich.

  1. I eat and drink for myself to survive
  2. I feel my own pain, emotional and physical, better than others
  3. Even though I don’t have complete power over my mind, I am still the perceive-r of my life. I have the lens to view my life. No other person can do it for me.
  4. I have lived my entire imperfect life myself, no one did it for me.
  5. My pain has made me naive, OCD but it made me smarter and more effective with my decisions as well.
  6. I can express my feelings clearly, though almost never in speaking, but in writing
  7. I try to not place my self-love on how I want to help people because I know that whenever I won’t be able to help people, I would hate myself again. See #10
  8. I try not to pin my self-worth on materialistic things/success because what happens when I lose those things? Do I *lose* my worth with them? So, I try not to, even though I am not very successful at not being egoistical See #10 Continue reading

Rant: 22/6/12 (I am a dork)

“Mon! You are so sweet! So adorable! So funny!”

To meย  I am just Mon The Builder, I mean, dork. Mon the dork. (Can we fix it!? Mooooon the builder. Yes we can! Mon and her mind, have so much fun. Working together, they get thinking done!)

When it’s other people to judge, I am not so negative. I tell myself, “OK, why? Why am I so negative to myself but not that same extent to other people?” I base my self-worth on how I do things (which is nothing), how well I do things (how well does one do “Nothing”? I can’t measure it!) and how much I do things for myself (Hey ma, nothin’ little nothing!). Continue reading