Tip of the week: Methods of Goal Tracking

As usual, I share tips by the end of the audios and babble in the beginning. Tip of the week starts from 5:44s, the audio kind of cut off by the end 😥

(Image in Audio- Source):

I actually follow Iridescence’s goal-tracking method but with a twist. I record how much I rate myself on various tasks daily on an app called Daily Diary (it has many categories to write the various signs of progress for a single day). And then, I record my OVERALL progress (using the patterns in the picture below, because they motivate me to create more colorful squares on my sheet) at the end of every 5 days. If mine sounds too complicated (it’s sounding complicated to me) just look at how Iridescence records them below and try it out.

A New Challenge? 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

“The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must move in 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” ~Mel Robbins

I want to buy The 5-Second Rule book but I don’t think it’s available in my country, so I settled for a couple of youtube videos on it and here are concluding thoughts on it-

You will never ‘feel’ like working ‘someday’. You’re never going to feel like working. So now what?

Whenever you get an impulse to do a productive action, you have 5-seconds before that motivation dissipates and your brain starts making excuses to not do the work. The initial ‘reaction energy’ of the impulse in your brain (when you feel an urge like, “Hey, I should DO this”) takes up a lot of energy to work you up, so you need to make the best of it. When the impulse comes, count backward to 5 seconds as you run like a rocket-ship towards your work. The more you think before doing productive work, the less you’ll want to do it. You’re not a procrastinator- you have a habit of procrastinating. The more you practice this, the more bias you’ll  have about overthinking about doing your work.

I heard about it before and I thought, “Ha! It’s just your way of getting me to work even though I am not motivated”, but now I realized it was trying to work with the fleeting motivation while it’s still there.

I’ve tried it for the last 48 hours….and yeah, I don’t get these impulses much. But whenever I do I move fast, like I did by waking up early morning and studying 🙂 I’ve learnt it for myself that it indeed takes a couple seconds until the motivation fades away. I think meditating more will clear my mind of unnecessary things and I will be getting more spurts of motivation.

Wisdom of Inner and Outer Worlds

I am afraid of trying new things though because I feel like I will lose my identity and lose the things I have. But to me, living means growing from new choices you make. Even though new choices and new perspectives feel like you’re jumping into a dark hole, often, you are glad that you did if you made that choice. Because you bring a light with yourself, and even if the light in you delays in coming out, it comes out nevertheless, and you see the new situation in a real perspective. Even though it can hurt to bring that light out because you don’t want to see the reality of the current circumstances, one point when it becomes inevitable that wherever you go- there you are- you’re more likely to adapt, and that’s what you need the light for. By light, I mean adjusting to the reality (there’s giving up on actions you can take and then there’s being stubborn about the inevitable/obvious)

Wisdom, which comes with the difficulty of adjusting, is needed for both the inner reality and the outer reality. Do you know enough of your weaknesses and how to be aware of it in times of uncertainty? I think wisdom is accepting the truth of the inner and outer reality. It can be hard to take a good look at yourself because that is also like jumping into the deep, dark hole of self-awareness, it can hurt your ego to know how much is broken inside and how stubborn the broken pieces work in you. But even though new inner and outer choices initially causes great resistance and pain, often, you are glad that you did it because you realize how much energy you put into resisting in moving towards the next step- that the comfort-zone wasn’t exactly comfortable. Expending energy on not doing anything about your inner self and your outer reality makes life simply something for ‘existing’ and not ‘living’.

We have needs to survive, get love AND ACHIEVE. Even if it’s unlike you to not do much about your goals, you’ll always feel the energy you’re unconsciously wasting to NOT accept the inevitable and WORK with what you have, towards what you want. Covering the powerful, hot ‘light’ inside you for so long will burn you. Moving with uncertainty is in your nature, and it’s painful either way if you resist it or work with it. You might as well choose the pain that brings more happiness than a hole in your chest. The pain of uncertainty is always guaranteed. Graceful acceptance of uncertainty requires that you have more exposure to uncertainty- which means you have to get out there.

‘Thinking into’ wisdom is foolish; wisdom comes from the integration of new things in and outside of yourself- not from the ease of ancient thoughts.

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve ACTUALLY written at the blog 😀 I felt the inspiration to write again and I’ve been thinking about what ‘wisdom’ is for the last couple of days. This was more of a brain dump, I was trying to understand what wisdom itself is so I wrote all this out to process my thoughts.

Tuesday Productivity

I did nothing! ‘Cept share some funny tweets…..And I need saline!

I know, it was the simplest of tasks. Write my todo list everyday. I didn’t do it. Maybe it’s the simplest things in life that are the hardest to do (lol). I think I do best when the tasks are pretty idealistic. Like reading 7 books a week, and I read 6 I think. My tasks for this week

  1. Be ready to give my A’Levels by the end of the week (Oh boy, idealism shall end here)
  2. Meditate for 7 hours
  3. Exercise for 5 minutes anytime before showering. Remember that if you put off exercising for too long, it seems like a long, dreaded task, which it isn’t.


What are your plans for this week? How did last week go for you, productivity-wise?

Tuesday Productivity

As per tradition, some of my favorite tweets are…well….there, over there. Boy. And I meditated for 7 hours this week. (✓), I didn’t exercise at all, though in my defense my feet were hurting….though they weren’t hurting today……but whatever 😀 LOL.  And as for making the spread sheet, it’s not even a month till last spread-sheet. Right, that’s my excuses for the other two tasks :’D I rate my week a 40% well done, because I did some studying too. And I downloaded a gratitude app and it helps me to count my blessings everyday. One of the items on my gratitude task is being grateful for this post because it made me feel okay for being unable to make friends, as easily as others have it-Making friends?

I am kind of scared that coffee will make me maladjusted again like last time. And then I gave up coffee again, for a while. I am having coffee and hopefully the daily meditation I do will keep my less restless.  I already feel the anxiously jumpy feeling I get after drinking coffee, I think I will just meditate more and have coffee only 3 times a week.

Tasks for next week-

  1. Do 22 pomodoros
  2. Meditate for 7 hours
  3. Exercise on Thursday & Sunday


What are your plans for next week? How did last week go for you?

‘Monday Productivity’ is ‘TUESDAY Productivity’

Because I have more classes on Monday and mostly end up tweeting late. Like I did today for yesterday. So I’ll be posting on Tuesdays now, so- TP (Trump-Pence, Toilet Paper. No wait, Tuesday Productivity!!!). As per tradition, first some tweets-

Last week’s goals went somewhat alright :3 I would give myself a 35% lol. Still at the lows. But progress is better than nothing, but the progress I make is close to nothing. But close to nothing is better than nothing. LOL. Nah, it wasn’t close to nothing. I do much better with my studies now and my body is slowly getting back the shape it used to be in. But I won’t be using a scale because I am horrible on myself with those numbers. I won’t dare stand on that horrible machine, I’ll just count my progress with how much better I feel inside with my weightloss. Anyway, this week’s goal-

  1. Do 22 Pomodoros
  2. Exercise 5 times a week
  3. Clean/Organize one part of the house every two days

What are your weekly plans? And how did last week go for you in terms of your goals?


Monday Productivity

I was supposed to write on the Monday-productivity challenge…..and I am on time! *poo-bear celebration* The first 11 weeks (every Monday), my progress went like this-11 Weeks.png

And I’ve studied a lot more than before and exercised 3 times this week. Even though I didn’t achieve the exact goals (because I became idealistic in my approach to goal-setting again), I have done quite well. And I meditated for 6 hours the last 5 days, my OCD was very well-managed till yesterday when I forgot to take the pills *cries*

Image result for cry "gif"

And I feel like my meditation efforts were sabotaged because I started getting more anxious today. But whatever. Learning from mistakes. I should save some “emergency pills” for when I lost them or forget to buy them. And I’ll give myself a good 40% this week.

My tasks for this week-

  1. Do at least 4 Pomodoros a day
  2. Exercise for at least 40 minutes
  3. Finish reading Lord of the Flies

I’ll leave you with some tweets:

Do you have any weekly goals? How well did you do last week personal-growth-wise? (Sorry, I didn’t know how else to say this). Is there something you want to get done by next Monday? Let me know!

Productivity Spreedsheet


I am such an egoistic bastard, writing my name first all the time, I didn’t mean to though lol I just realized it after seeing this xD

Thanks to Dizzy Chick , Willy, Mel, and Wendy for playing along! 🙂 I think I did as much as I would expect myself to do (teehee). On Week 11, I did absolutely not-much 😮 I had period that week. 😥

Alright before I go on to my next week’s plans, here are some tweets-

The goat-quotes, ahhh….

Anyway, this week’s task won’t be a daily task for me 😮 More like weekly goals (even though keeping weekly goals didn’t work for me before, but it might now, since I am tracking my progress on MS word).

  1. Pick out 21 problems from my accounting questions
  2. Finish Chapter 3 & 4 of Maths
  3. Exercise for one hour

Ugh. Work. But I have to do them.

Do you want to take part in the Monday Productivity Challenge? (Well? You do, I know you do, I know it good). All you have to do is just list three tasks/goals you want to get done by next Monday in the comments section below. Then on next Monday, write about how you did the past week 😮 For last Spreedsheet, click HERE.

National Relaxation Day

I’ll celebrate this special day by sharing some relaxing videos…..some ASMR videos :))

If you don’t know what ASMR is- it’just s a weird way of relaxing through rhythmic  calming sounds, calming whispers, relaxing visuals (and movements) and role-plays (that might have all of those). Here are some ASMR videos that works for me-

I rarely watch role-plays, but if I were to recommend one, it’s by this French guy-

If they work for you too and if you want me to share more of such videos, let me know!

Monday Productivity

I am LATE! Last week’s task went horrible and I am on my period, yes I will darn, straight out say the word. P-E-R-..nevermind. I am on my period. And my next week’s task is to simply do the three tasks I set for myself to do the night before. Anyway, I am going to end this post with a period commercial

That’s how you make a period commercial. I don’t feel okay now, it’s another week and then I GET to have the same experience 3 weeks later again. Whooptido. I am not feeling alright at all. Bye

Monday Productivity

I did okay. Following my intuition apparently leads me to wake up earlier 😮 This week’s task is follow 10 hunches in the morning, then 10 in the afternoon and then ten evening. I get them all the time


How about you? What are your tasks for this week? How have you done with last week? (if you were there for last week)


Claims made in ‘official’ websites without sources…..sourceless-ness.  Most YouTube commenters, Most Facebook commenter, Most news-commenters Most commenters without any sources to back up themselves. Dude no, I won’t listen to you.

Just annoyed from reading another political article. I have this weird mental-habit where I think that whatever I read is what everyone is reading……and that everyone is gullible enough to believe everything ‘official’ websites say! It’s rude to make huge, huge claims without setting the basis of said claims! RUDE!

Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve written an update on my own life. At first I thought, “My LIFE!? Ha!” But then I just really wanted to talk to y’all. So much has happened. I feel like I recently made another mental-transition because I feel very confused again, and not anxiety-disorder-confused, because I can separate between normal-confusion and general-confusion (for now). I am getting abstract again, which means I am being real with you, LOL.


Okay, let me try to be less confusing. I feel like I am being accepting of a bigger part of life that I’ve rejected for so long. Not the part of life where I am like, “No! Why doesn’t life go my way all the time!” to “Oh, most things are going to go wrong” and wanting change. Back before, I would’ve been all, “Neh! New! If it ain’t my way, I ain’t trying anything”. And I realized that the more I am accepting of reality, the nicer I am to people as well. I am more compassionate to them because I am not stuck with limited narratives for why others do what they do. The more accepting I am, the more tolerating of others too.

Nowadays I am not too frightened with changing my thoughts. I used to think, “No, Mon! If you change to do x, y, and z, you will become so different! I want you to stay this way!” but now I am like, “Confusion is growth” (It’s my new motto now). I sound so calm right now, that’s probably because I am surprisingly less anxious today.  Maybe I’ll change again when my OCD blows up again. It does blow up but I can learn to manage it a lot now. And I think it is my OCD that taught me that mental-changes, even though it may not be what I expect, it usually leads me to something that’s more rewarding. I’ve realized that a lot of growth comes when I stop resisting to differences and just jump right it, whether it changes a part of myself that I like or not.

Oh abstraction. I hope you still somewhat got me.

Post inspired by Personality Hacker 🙂

Monday Productivity

First up, inspirational tweets I loved!

Last week’s tasks were:

  1. Read 5 pages of a book EVERY 2 hours (of your waking life, that is😀😀 :D)
  2. Clean one area of your house everyday. Please do it! You didn’t do it last week!
  3. Don’t trust the thoughts that tell you that being lazy is helping.

I am happy to say I did 80% good with #1 and #2 Yeay…I want to be a little more active in my life and…about the word ‘prefab’. Meaning ‘before you were fabulous’? I used to have no friends prefab. lol I used to write posts like this prefab AFTER I was prefab? Hey! That makes sense! When and after can mean the same thing because it’s already a ‘pre’. Genius.

This week, I won’t have the usual three-important-tasks 😮 I will have one resolution- try to work on the first thing your intuition tells you to do. This will be hard because my intuition often sounds like my mother.

Do you have any goal for the week? What are your plans for it? Tell me about it and review this week’s progress on the next Monday Productivity post!

I will end with this awesome fake-magazine cover created by Crayon, it’s so cool and I relate for my anxiety disorder


Monday Productivity (Week 5)

I’ll start with 3 tweets I loved

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Tweet, tweet!

A combination of thought-provoking + awareness-raising + funny tweets :))) Have an awesome July!



Monthly DDDC Spreadsheet

Monthly Progress.png

I read the posts and I made some maths calculations as to how many boxes will be marked for progress based on how we did with all 3 of the tasks :)) So obviously, the readers did way better than me hehe. I will update later when I get Willy’s update. But for now, here are the participants who wrote back about their progress-




Me lol

The first month’s work is done 🙂 What are your top 3 tasks for next week? 🙂 Anyone can join! I made the spreadsheet in the hope it would make us more motivated as we are being tracked :))


Dear future 20 year old

You’ll be 20 years old soon. And I have no idea how to not sound like a kid anymore. I guess I’ll still live with my kiddish ways, besides, adults need to work on lubing up their inner-child sh*t- they are way too serious.

smile smiling justin timberlake serious music video

But people think I am serious too when they look at me. Once you get to know me, you see the smily-er aspects of me. Like this dude ———->

I don’t know how to honestly talk to you. I am so weird around you. And you ain’t nice either, you judge me so much, but you’re being more chill nowadays.How much I lived in a hormonal illusion. Hormones make me think of pregnant ladies. Oh, we’re all pregnant with hormones in our teens, you weirdo.

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Day 6 of DDDC

I am going to blame my regression on my monthly flow. :p And to add to that, I had to go book shopping in a hot summer’s day. Ek. Go away, women troubles.

So…here’s my results ( 😀 ?)

Progress Agan.png

I am going to start studying from tomorrow because the pain is mostly over by  now and I think I will start exercising after three more days.

I just wanted to say that instead of making it a daily thing (The DDD Challenge), I am going to make it a weekly project. Like a check up every Monday 🙂 (So tomorrow there will be another one to check-up on, I made this post today mainly to mention this change).

Tomorrow, if you like, you can add your personal three-important-tasks you want to get done (or do daily throughout the next week) in the comments below on that post. You can tell me about your progress for the past 6 days 🙂

Until tomorrow, bye



DDDC Day 2

Randomly sharing one great song along the way 🙂

Anyone can join the Do-Did-Done Challenge (DDDC). It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week. If you want to join, just write your Top 3 Actions in the comments below to do throughout the week. And I will track your progress on a spreadsheet if you happen to have time to let me know. Here’s my progress for Day 1 (yesterday)

Day 1.png

I am going to edit my tasks for the week slightly just to make it easier. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought (@Marie Forleo). And from engaging in the tasks, I gained  clarity to make someslight changes.

For example, instead of meditating five times a day, I want to do it once. I wanted to do it five times a day because the peace from meditation doesn’t usually last long, but I find it easier to do it for 20 minutes straight like I used to. And as for studying accounting, I find that I have more concentration for studies at night. I also forgotten a lot of the things I learnt a year ago. So I need to focus more on studying the steps rather than doing them. And….I am approaching the date of my monthly flow so I need to reduce the time I exercise (but only by 3 minutes ha) Okay so here’s my new list:

  1. Meditate for 20 minutes
  2. Cario-exercise for 7 minutes upon waking up
  3. Take accounting notes after dinner.


DDDC Day 1

It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week. Read more about it here: Do-Did-Done Challenge

My actions for this week are-

1) Do 4-minute meditation 5 times each day (20 minutes).

2) Write the first 4 steps in one accounting problem every afternoon (I have a hard time even studying this subject, so I will start with small steps, specifically 4 little ones)

3) Cardio-Dance for 10 minutes upon waking up

I have one buddy to do this challenge with- @Melarish