Mr. Squitten, Oldie with a Mustache

He may be bald, but he had a mustache. Whenever men with mustaches would die in films, I would feel tears coming up. There’s something very innocent about mustaches. Men with mustaches look sadder than they already look when they’re sad. That’s what garners up my care for them.

They look so sad and fatherly.

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10 Mon Facts & Domain Woes

Thank you Miss Ky for a the award nomination :3- Encouraging Thunder Award

 Why I started blogging

The reason I started blogging was because I thought I would get a free website……without the “.wordpress” added to the hot “.com” 😥 Boy was I wrong! I thought I could make some good adsense money off of my writing…. oh well. But I am planning on getting “serious” with blogging in the near-distant, distant future.Maybe after I start university. I’ll work on my grammar. I don’t even make that much effort to fix all the grammar issues. I vomit all over the place and…..that.

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Bengalis and Leonardo DiCaprio


In case you lived in a pineapple under a rock, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar! Yeah he did! And in our national news only the part where DiCaprio won an oscar was mentioned, no one else’s oscars were mentioned. LOL! Why you ask? I will tell you not. Alright I will tell…in the conversation that happened between Mom and me while the Ocsars  happened live 😀

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Hello My Precious….D:


Thanks a lot to River from The Wacky World of River Hayden!!! You have no clue how hard I tried before I made my blog at least visually pleasing to myself, so thanks so much!

7 Factos About Mon:

  1. My Aunt calls me Mon-Moni 😀
  2. My Cousin calls me Bingu :I
  3. Sometimes I am called “Monu”
  4. Other times I am just “Mony”
  5. Mon means “mind” in Bangla 😮
  6. Mon is also the name of a language :/
  7. Mon is also a food-brand! Mon Foods!

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I Love & Hate…

I’m going to do the challenge Sophie nominated me for and it’s called the Love/Hate Challenge. The rules are simple. Just list down the ten things you love and the ten things you hate, then tag other people to do the challenge.

10 Things I love:
  1. Free time
  2. Blogging
  3. Cad-bury Dairy Milk with Almonds
  4. Grape Juice
  5. Chocolate Flavored Food (that’s edible :P)
  6. Buffets because it’s all you can eat. Or food.
  7. Victory Day (of Bangladesh. To remember the people who shed blood to make this an independent country.)
  8. Happy People
  9. Romance
  10. My dear readers ❤
  1. Thinking about things I hate as I write this.
  2. Duck-faces
  3. Selfies (they are usually taken at an angle that makes them look totally different from what they look like in reality 😮 Yes, I take them xD But I don’t share them on social media…anymore…)
  4. Negative people
  5. Narcissists
  6. Perfume (allergies 😥 )
  7. Smell of raw eggs (I still have the smell it’s my finger, ew!)
  8. People who aren’t feminists. (Don’t believe I am equal to you in worth as a human being? Or do you think I am superior? Neither makes you a feminist though :I)
  9. People who only talk about “above the surface” bullsh*t. Small talks sucks monkey balls (thanks for teaching me this phrase, C.S. Wilde!)
  10. The end of fun things. This is probably the end of the list 😥

I tag….

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issue bytes






I nominate every freakin’ person on the planet who wants to do the challenge as well!

Free-Writing Challenge: Romance


Thanks a lot to Bfor nominating me for this challenge and giving such a fantabulous topic for us to write about! 🙂


Romance is finding the beauty in someone and then nourishing it . We accept the person’s flaws. Love doesn’t die with the partner. It exists beyond time and space.

Romance is not nagging (ha!) it is accepting epeople and also giving them contructive criticism whenever needed. We do not force the person to change like Michele Obama tries to stop her husband from smoking. LOL. Yes, their love is different but I don’t agree with it.

We compliment the person. Like I said, it is about nourishing and enrighching the beauty that person already has so it grows even further. Romance isn’t just flowers and dating. It is also helping tyour partner so he/she grows.

Romance is loving someone so much you want to marry them. Marriage takes commitment and commitnment is needed for a relationship to blossom. Blossoming together and looking at the same direction together

I accidently spell checked one of the things I wrote, because, darn it! It’s a habit! 😛

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New Award AND Massive Nominations!


Thanks to Nooper for awarding me with the Creative Blogger Award 🙂

But I am NOT going to just award one award to my nominees, these are nominees I feel who should deserve ALL these awards! Lots of people couldn’t accept my previous awards, so there should be an all new start. These precious little awards did no wrong to not be recognized (LOL!!! XD). Hence they MUST be taken by someone so… THESE awards are for others who deserve the award as well 😀 (P.S I didn’t choose some people who had all these awards…you already have them! 😛 )

Mind you, I NEVER choose random people when selecting for awards. I always give thought to who should get them 🙂

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