Friday Reading Love

Today I will share snippets of great poetry  🙂

Of the tragedies of the inside and the outside worlds.

When they both collide,

And explode deserting dust amidst galaxies


The first was a boy with

stars in his eyes,

and the second was

a girl

with wind on her lips.


aren’t so boring
when you fly

Poetry Unlimited


An ode to our many villages

Loads of fun walking on  bamboo bridges

Lots of uses with their own little lakes

Life in the slow lane…

Your bosoms, open.

Green lush. Smooth clay kisses my feet.

You clear my heart

of it’s city smoke.

You shouldn’t suffer through

this trash of an excuse

known as “development”.


Don’t get me started on all the baby goats. SO CUTEAAAA

Global warming.

All is fuming.

Longevity shall be

cut by half soon.

We must take flight.

Don’t let the humans get to us.

Me and my family….

And you.

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Facts and Imagination

I am reading Hard Times, the chapter opens with this dialogue:

“Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts; nothing else will ever be of any service to them.”
Charles Dickens, Hard Times

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Desire #1

The hemisphere turned a deep and yet,

light blue.

Multi-shaded sky brought

shadows that befell with it

a shower of rain-drops

disturbed the silence of

navy blue puddles.

The skies, undecided.






The trees have company;

towering blue-jays.

Over it,

“Chirp. Tweep. Cheap!”

Did I just hear cheap?


Droplets swirled down my face.

My face that…..

darkly shone.

This gloom blue on my white-dress

as I lied on the muddy earth.

“I wish….

to only stop wishing…”


(To be continued….)

Mon’s Note: Not my best work xD So sorry 😮 😥

Photo: The Elegance of a Silent Dream

Rant: 22/6/12 (I am a dork)

“Mon! You are so sweet! So adorable! So funny!”

To me  I am just Mon The Builder, I mean, dork. Mon the dork. (Can we fix it!? Mooooon the builder. Yes we can! Mon and her mind, have so much fun. Working together, they get thinking done!)

When it’s other people to judge, I am not so negative. I tell myself, “OK, why? Why am I so negative to myself but not that same extent to other people?” I base my self-worth on how I do things (which is nothing), how well I do things (how well does one do “Nothing”? I can’t measure it!) and how much I do things for myself (Hey ma, nothin’ little nothing!). Continue reading