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I feel sorry for the kids growing up around my place.  They’ll never know what it feels like to try to walk quietly thru the woods and try to sneak up on some squirrels or deer as they feed. …They’ll never know what it feels, smells like and sounds like to walk thru the leaves in the woods.  Even my grands associate all of that with “getting dirty”.  They haven’t learned that “getting dirty” is a part of growing and having fun.- A Few Thoughts

Deep in the hold, gripped tight by the billowy roll and rock of a sleepless ocean, the cargo stirs. Weight shifts on creaky deckboards, seeking balance and rest. Chains shake and rattle, testing their limits of free play.-100 word story: Birth of the Blues

There is such a thing as feeling in a way that is delayed (by minutes or even weeks or more- depending on how weak or strong the processing is). This means the emotion isn’t SHOWING at the “appropriate” time frame. But it’s appropriate, entirely appropriate for some folks like myself. Just accept that not everyone is like you.-Oops, My Aspergers Is Showing!

The instructor had a stack of flashcards with words such as “good” “bad” annoying” “life threatening” etc This had to do with reactions to different relationship behaviors that we were reading from a set of different cards. This exercise revealed how sometimes people are not aware of how some behaviors are warning signs for abuse.What Self-Defense Class Teaches You



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A long model set on fire to commemorate the 1666 Great Fire of London. REUTERS/Neil Hall

“So if your cat dies and it makes you depressed and you go up to me, a girl who was bullied for years, had a hate page made about her, been fucked over, messed around, thrown away, hurt and has a sub-arachnoid cyst in her brain and tells me “I know how you feel man”…  saying that just makes it worse for me. Just be there for me…” 5 things people with depression want you to know.

Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. It is only once you do this then can you begin to grasp the other person’s point of view. This is the most important part of any discussion; otherwise it’s just two people yelling words in close proximity. Besides, you can only get someone on your page, if you know on which page he or she is starting.- 5 Tips For Talking (Arguing) With A Misogynist (Ignoramus).

“Sleep, will be an ex who you remember with a sad smile: ….You really shouldn’t have treated it, with so much ingratitude. How, you used to decide, when you’d wanna sleep or how you would just hit the pillow & call it a day. Remember, those hibernating naps, where you would sleep for 12-13 hours straight? ….Now, your baby decides when you sleep…”- 5 Things That Change When You’re A New Mommy.

“Sometimes overly passionate about things to the point of annoying me.” And I mostly do it on purpose. because I love you. And you’re cute when you’re annoyed……….“You are a good designer and in a way that translates to being a good artist.” This totally turned into a speech so I shortened it. When my fiancé gets going he just keeps on going and going.. and going……“You have good taste in books.” Yeah.. And everyone is interested in that.”-All my facts!


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Woman stands up for Alton Sterling.Jonathan Bachman /Reuters.


From Tony Single-

Why do you also Write To Heal?
T: I have to. That’s the simplest answer. I have depression, severe body image issues, and I can’t grow a manly beard to save my life. I’ve spent decades of my life pretending I have it all together. I clearly don’t.- Writing To Heal Feature

From 18 year writer at When You’ve Been Abused

If it’s one of those days where life is just crazy and there is a lot going on that I feel like I need to think about I sit down roughly an hour before bed and write a list. This list consists of things that I need to think about. I find this interesting because it places value onto my thinking time.Insomnia is a gross feeder.

From A Life Less Ordinary

Listening and being aware of others is so important when doing an act of kindness. This allows you to be much more capable of seeing opportunities. It’s when the action meets the need where the magic really happens so notice….- Simple Kindness Promotes Big Happiness!

Monthly Reading Love


Being Six Years Old in the Kitchen #3

delicate brown trickles
slid down the wall
each led by a tiny bead of coffee
shaped like a tear drop

The Stages of Weight Gain

“It’s water weight”   “I’m bloated”   “It’s just a couple pounds, it’ll come right off”  “I’m doing all the right things”…..The last one is just lying to myself

Enter the dragon

The dragon sweeps onwards

Leaving behind memories

Of purple rain.


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Photography: Paul Militaru


Tweet, tweet!

A combination of thought-provoking + awareness-raising + funny tweets :))) Have an awesome July!



Reading Love & 3DQC

  1. “My best friend in high school will relate, because we were the most hated students in Ms. Gibb’s class. We had laughing fits, on a daily basis, over stupid shit, like Ms. Gibb’s flock of seagulls hair”
    When You Know You Need a Vacation
  2. Crossing Over (A Senryu)
  3. “Like the dry parched farms,
    My barren soul awaits the shower of your love..

    The monsoon has just began,
    And I see love blossoming all around.”
    Without You…

Some favorite Quotes:

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Monthly Reading Love

Get married, and then go travelling!

….for a South Asian girl to travel by herself is practically like throwing herself in a lion’s den. Waiting to be devoured. To make matters worse, I wanted to go to Bangladesh.


just imagine the human dildos of this world
as snowmen
who through no real fault of their own,
happen to dislike the smell of carrots.

Odd Anecdote 

…rather than answering the question he squinted at me and said, “Are you sure you feel OK, Doc?”


Image by Paul Militaru

Monthly Reading Love

Great monthly reads here! 🙂

Abusers and How to Deal With Them in Public

I realize now that this is huge for controllers. If they can’t get my eye contact then it is much harder to start a conversation…a lot is said in eye contact.

Those flowers…

The tall purple dandelion like structures swayed softly in the breeze, and Lucy was almost afraid to reach out her hand and touch them, in case it broke the spell that seemed to be blurring her vision.

To the Nice Guy I Made Finish Last

“You are not a nice guy, you are a desperate guy who can’t handle the fact that a woman is not interested in him. I don’t have to love you simply because you have been nice to me….if you have been nice because you expected me to give myself to you, you are certainly not a nice guy.”

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The night was warm as the combined personalities of a hundred fairy-tale grandmothers. There was a slight draft reminiscent of the slow breathing of a sleeping baby during those few moments where it isn’t driving its parents and all the neighbors insane….


Where’s This Train Headed?

What’s in this for us, and why do we invest so much time and effort into creating these honest and genuine looks at ourselves, and then put them out here to be seen by so few, and critiqued by some?


Tidbit Tuesday – The P-Theorem

…according to the car / penis theorem, a man who’s car is a 1992 Honda Civic (assuming that it isn’t riced up) should have a penis size of approximately 7 inches erect.

Friday Reader Love!

Read. Link. Discover! Also this is the last link-promotion of this year! 😀 Enjoy the year, kids! (I will turn 20 soon, don’t worry I am only growing younger)

The Shooting Star

I grabbed my 8 year old’s journal and read the following called, “The Shooting Star”: “…We saw billions of stars outside. We saw at least two falling stars. It looked amazing. We layed on the ground and looked up at the stars and saw twelve dippers.”


One eye forward
One eye back
Two eyes sideways

How To Write The Best Blog Post that Will Wow Your Readers

To attain the best blog post you must consider these two important facts:

  • Obviously, have a blog. Check
  • A notepad or word processor . Check

All checked?

Image by Lila

Link Promo Friday

A powerful and thought provoking video I stumbled across

Like how can you not have FaceBook? Oh I bet you have a girlfriend/wife that you are hiding and lying. That is what one girl actually said to me. I was just stood there thinking, if I had a girlfriend/wife I would be spending my time with her.

Freshly Pressed Acceptance Speech – Round 3

-Freshly Pressed around 4:05PM.
-Feels like I’m going to throw up my last seven meals, but other than that I’m fine.
-Was at 93 likes before an earthquake hit my post.
-5:27PM: Is it over yet?

F*cking Mother’s Day

I do believe mothers are worth celebrating, but I also think that we should be celebrating the people we love and cherish every day……Also, it seems to make a lot of people more miserable than celebratory anyway.

Image by Lila

Friday Reader Love

Some funny posts 😮

Museum Chaos and Ice Cream for Your Pocket

To my eager young mind, a field trip invoked all the primal urges I’d held boxed up for so long…..There would be no rules here. No restrictions. Our years of mindless suppression were at an end.


JEALOUSY, n. Emotion that can creep up on introverts in the presence of the chatty and self-assured. (And then we go home and read Jane Austen and all is well again.)

Jurassic World (2015) *Spoiler Alert: There are Dinosaurs*

…the movie basically revolves around four people. The hero (some dude), some woman who works at the Jurassic World Petting Zoo (I feel like the slogan should be “Where all the creatures are larger and way older than you and could eat you!”) and her two nephews. Everyone is irrelevant in the movie and some people die.

Image by Lila

Friday Reading Love

Reading gives you readership. Okay, here are this week’s faves!

Kindness Matters

Difference make us unique and special. The same is true for those I don’t even know. Kindness creates more kindness

“When the Frost is on the Pumpkin”

Today I went to my local produce store and purchased a few adorable little pumpkins just because they made me happy. I ended up giving them away as gifts because if they made me smile I figured they would do the same for someone else.


Image by Lila

Friday Reading Love!


Accidental “madman”

On Sunday afternoon I was gardening in my front garden. I’m not a natural horticulturalist, so like a lot of times, “gardening” involve…..

Shady Shizzle from the Mouths of Narcissists (and Other Cheaters and Users)

  • I’ve never really been good boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse material (I won’t be faithful or check in with you regularly)
  • I don’t think I can be the person you want me to be (ergo, don’t complain about my behaviors if you choose to stay involved with me)
  • I haven’t made a clean break from my Ex (i.e., we’re still having sex)

Children are Amusing

God is #1, you are #2.

You will achieve all your dreams and eat s’mores.

Photo: Lila

Reading Love (Bonus)

Bonus post 😀 Linkie! Linkie! Link with these great bloggers :3

I Ain’t Dropping No Eves Sir, Honest

“…..but instead you just bottle your aggression until it overflows and so you slam your cup down in frustration which spills coffee all over yourself……AND several people are staring at you, wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t put down a cup of coffee in a calm delicate manner like a normal adult can (it’s harder than it looks ok people).”

Fat Clap

“The.whole.time I sneaked peeks over at those beautiful confections of sugar goodness…….They were taunting me.

How can you expect anyone, particularly one with an unhealthy relationship to cake, to actually pay attention to the matters at hand when there are cupcakes RIGHT OVER THERE? “

The Monster’s Letter

“There are six things that I can conclude from this:

  1. My sister is sweet (though I already know this).
  2. I really am kind (no contradictions allowed).
  3. “Alright rock n’ roll to the world” is an adjective now.
  4. “Respectful” is probably the only adjective she knows that starts with the letter R. (But this conclusion does not imply any denial on my part)”

Photo: Lila’s Musings

Hardcore Gamer

David- My friend with the stomach flue wrote an awesome game review, he spent all night on it. He is so silly  (Sowie, David) :3 It deserved a promo because it is quite well-written.

I don’t really play games but I LOVE reading his reviews. He balances his reviews with his personal and his practical opinions in them. Also, I like his sense of humor :3. Here’s a link to the article he worked late night on:

Civilization: Beyond Earth review


Tucson Sunsets Never Get Old

This is a scheduled post! 😮 It’s been hard to write here so I am just going to share some good reads:

My therapist helped me put together a coping card for times I’m not feeling well since I’m not going to be able to continue therapy.

What To Do If I’m……

My wounds run deep, my scars an ever present reminder that what’s just below the surface isn’t so pretty and although I try to rise above sometimes I need to just wallow in what lies beneath.

You are also obsessed with someone who is not as obsessed with you as you are with him/her. You are overtly dependent on that person and you try really hard to make that person dependent on you. You want that person to be with you all the time. If that person wants his/her own space, you will become possessive. The irony of all this…..

“I mean, well…what happens when this changes and it’s not exciting anymore?”

“It won’t always look exactly the way it does right now. It will look different and then shift and look different again. But that doesn’t mean it will change in a bad way.”………….

Can I Ask You a Question?

At some point in a blogger’s “career” they begin to grow confident about their social media presence. That is a good thing. What isn’t a “good thing” is the higher than thou attitude many take on towards newbie bloggers that are just starting.

Image by Kristy Harvey

Thoughts, Drawing Suggestions & Posts.

This will be a totally random post since I I am turning this blog into a part-diary. 😮

Peeps. I don’t want to draw unless I am obligated to do it xD I want to draw, I just can’t get around doing it. Give me suggestions of  things to draw. But just so you know, I won’t draw any..erm…characters wearing revealing clothes stuff xD . WHAT Do You Want to See Me DRAW!?

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Weekly Faves! :D

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