Do you ever look at someone and think…

“You look like a Trump-supporter”.

I don’t know, I am always doing this, even with attitudes. I try to make some pattern-recognition (read stereotype, ha) as to who might be a Trump-supporter or not. I’ve seen that Trump supporters tend to be more expressive, confident, big-smiley when they do smile (does that make sense? They have big smiles, I meant) etc Most of them look like they came back from a physical fight because of the…’booming’ look and attitude about them. Usually….according to me.

I don’t know. Do you ever do this? Try to think of someone’s political leanings by their looks and attitudes?

(I am a liberal, BTW)

I go deep into my traits

I will journal about what others do and what I think about it; I’d go nuts if I don’t.

If I am going to be constantly judging myself, I should do the same for others in my head. Where do I start? I am going to write in bold of the people, because I tend to be very introspective and get lost in my thoughts. So you can see who exactly are the “people” here. So…

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Wrong Won’t Escape No More.

My feelings don’t matter thus

I can’t find what to ask for. I forgot

What my opinions even where.


Opinions.Judgment. Views.

Traumatizing me at this game

of hide-and-seek which I only

was good at finding when

I was little with that untouched view.


I had opinions once

I am gaining them back again.

All my life I was taught,

I was mental, my thoughts have run amok.

Until I did believe them and

had to turned to many….



I have to heal today.

Within next week. Or in a decade.

Read articles on recovery.

Because all this blame

hasn’t gotten me that safe haven I crave.

I have to try. Like I did to before. But now,

the next step in growing, to

access my inner Mon.


“Mom, come back home!

My thoughts scare me”

I call. “Mom came back home!”

“Everything will be alright!” she sobbed. Well.

My thoughts were chafed by you,

if you let go of them, who will manage them, now?

When I have been left to alone?


Now, I am growing.

Lost in thoughts

not belonging to myself.

Difficulty in seeing the bad..

even when,

I see people murdering tiny, little souls.


I’ve hardly seen the bad in them,

but only the one in me.

When others would send pain onto me,

I would find excuses only since, “They wouldn’t do it…

if there wasn’t something wrong with me.


If there wasn’t something to hate about me!”


I thought I was understanding.

But realized I was people-pleasing.

Right now,

When I see someone do bad.

I need to slice and dice them.

Right here.

On the spot. .