I thought I would just write whatever crap came to my mind. I mean, you’d think I was dead if I missed a day to post. To assure you I am not dead, here’s my post. Although you may not be sure if this is a scheduled post. I wonder what it would seem like if I were dead and had all these scheduled posts.

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(Reblog) Shout-out to My First Top Liker :)

I thought I should reblog this, I present to you all- Himali Shah!

Life of Mon


I have kept in my mind for some time to pick my First Top Liker’s, First 5 Commenters’, Randomly Chosen Follower’s, and Randomly Chosen Commenter’s Blog posts I loved dearly 🙂 Pretty soon I am planning to start on doing more kinds of things like this secretly just like I did with this post 😀

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