My Worst Post, Evah!

You know? My obsession with…obsessions is a bit more obsessive than my obsession for writing. Does that make sense? Let me restate that: My obsession for sh*t is more OCD than my obsession for writing. In hot pursuit (please, I just really want to use this phrase) of getting words outodere, I crashed out in my maxi on my bed. Well, more like being exhausted from reading loads of blogs. Also it’s gotten a little warmer which means….*ding, ding, dooiinnggg* Asthma. Asthma, I can spell this f*cking word. A-S-T-H-M-A. No, I didn’t copy it. Trust me.

I just want to talk about my feelings, that’s all. I am just not certain how to do that (I used the word “certain” likeawhooptidoo) Not long ago I felt like I wasn’t being as free as I used to be with my writing; this room I locked down in my…eh….heart? Yeah, it’s gotten that closed-room stink. The stink that asthmatics will be particularly alert of. Maybe that’s what’s making me asthmatic.

I have imbued the word “happiness” with undue meaning (I used some cool words in this sentence). I just think if I get in good physical shape, get good friends and take part in recreational activities…OK wait those things would make me joyful. I am not sure which f*cky way I was taking that line with. Without thinking too much of what I just wrote, I shouldn’t let instances in the past be markers of my personality. (I used another cool word in this para and that word isn’t “f*cky” really). Gosh, I am going no-f*cking-where with this.

The Place(eary)

My heart longs for somewhearey;

wherever there’s are no judgmenteary..


Update: I actually published this xD

The beautiful Image by my good friend  Paul


Clap Along.

I will start a new series of all the happy sh*t in my life. WHoOOoot! And this series will be called, “Clap Along” 😀

  1. 2012 has been a year of wisdom for me. My mental health started getting better since then and I was more able to manage my emotions. Yeah! I rock….less in my head.
  2. I am proud of that mental repair I did and the more positive out-look I gained in life.I became a happier, sweeter and stronger person.
  3. My relationship with my Mom unproved since 2012, less abusive. And recently I have been more distant and that caused her to respect me more. The trick is absence people :/ Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that.
  4. I have improved my Bengali by a lot. Know I know what adults are talking about 70% of the time xD
  5. Blogging is awesome. I am so glad some people here ave so much concern for me and some are inspired by me. Some say I give out a “cute” vibe. It made me realize that I indeed had something to give- my thoughts.
  6. We went to a rich-people park and the guards didn’t know we weren’t from the area but because of our poker faces, they trusted us to let in. We didn’t even say anything xD We just stood there and went inside the beautiful park xD But it is a little hurtful that others not from the “rich” area wasn’t allowed there though :/ No wait, this was supposed to be happy! Well, at least we knew it wasn’t as fun as it looked from the distance xD So we don’t need to go there anymore 😉
  7. I feel lighter after I share serious things in my blog 🙂

Vulnerability #6

To write. Well…brain-dump to be more….whatever.

I thought I would write this series tomorrow, but I just wanted to write. I was chatting with Anne and while I was talking about my problems, I suddenly felt the need to cry. But I hid my tears because Mom was around.

Ever since I have admitted to myself that what Mom did was wrong, I started to feel better. I remember certain incidences in my childhood when Mom beat me. But do you know what? Ever since I was 12, it didn’t feel as occasional. The abuse I mean. I have always had this hatred for Mom. And when someone tells me what Mom does is for the best, I want them to choke up on two kilograms of the OCD I deal with.

Yeah, OCD feels like something is choking you and you have to do sh*t to get rid of it. But it doesn’t really do. The more you give into the compulsions, the more OCD grows. Cool, right? :I Super cool that when you get anxious and you try hard to get rid of this feeling but compulsions make it worse. And yet you can’t stop yourself for the temporary relief from the compulsions which makes it an even more permanent problem.

I haven’t been writing about happy silly things. And I don’t want to. I just think this blog will spread negative to everyone who reads it. So, if you’re a really positive person who hates negativity, you have to take a break from reading my blog because I don’t feel not-crappy. That’s why I started this series.

I didn’t want to share such delicate parts of my mind on a blog. I wanted to make this blog the one place in my life where only happy and silly things happen. And every times I post an article on this series, it makes me think, “Really Mon? Do you like filling this place with the same old same old?” Which makes me think about another thing; I have updated a gratitude journal. Yeay. I think I will make a Happy Sh*t Category for all the happy sh*t in my life. Happy crap! Whoot! Whoot! We all want that don’t we? HAPPY CRAP!

Many people take the “You can’t say ‘Happiness’ without saying ‘Penis'” sh*t way too seriously here :I. Or they are right. Survival of the fittest. I think the only reason women fell back is because of the lack of physical fitness and strength. Just look what a simple thing can do. But it’s always been that way in nature. Survival of the penis….I mean fittest. Gosh, that was hilarious! Anyhow, back to the matter..Of course, now it’s survival of the dude-with-academic-degree fittest..est?

Happiness. It sounds funny. Penises. That sounds funny too. Vagina sounds very serious, it’s like the name of a serious and nagging elderly woman, I don’t know, I am just posting my thoughts as they come here, 90% of the time.

I guess my writing gets silly one way or another. I love silly sh*t. I love that asshole, that silliness asshole. That makes no sense,  but I won’t edit that asshole sentence. Assholes are such assholes, indeed. Shit-hole. Mouth-hole? Ear-hole? Oh, that reminds me of a conversation I had. The font in blue is by another person.

How does a fourway occur?

“I won’t tell, sorry. I don’t want to corrupt that little head of yours.”

“Do they get it inside other people’s noses? And their ears as well?”


Funny that I got from assholes to…never mind. This doesn’t sound fun anymore.

OK, I won’t look back. Oh right. Abuse.

So as I accepted more about the abuse I went through, which I don’t remember much about but my subconscious makes me angry at Mom anyway since I was 12. There’s one part that says “Mom didn’t abuse you” and another part says, “She Abused. A LOT. And I hate her”. Well, whatever. Mom says she didn’t. She said she NEVER hurt me and yet she hurt me just recently.

Do you know (probably not) ever since I was nine I had always fantasized about being apologized to? Yes, you read that right. I still think about someone who realized their wrong and apologized to me. But I was WORTHY of being apologized to in my sick fantasy too. In this fantasy I had a good job; I was well-liked; unique; Extremely physically strong (Do I want to be masculine to keep up with society?); Prettier—> everything I want and in my fantasy, someone realized my worth and apologies to me.I find that idea very comforting because my whole life I felt pretty pathetic and like the things that happened to me, the hurt that happened to me, was nothing. But my subconscious doesn’t remember this “nothing” I force on myself; It remembers every f*cking little thing. And it makes me day-dream about being valued enough to get an apology for the things that happened.

In this series, I open my heart more; I will share some of my deepest thoughts. I will put these in the rants categories 😮 These will be a bit messy as I share my thoughts as they come. This will be my totally imperfect, vulnerable side other than the happy bubbly person you guys see, that’s also a part of me, but this is the secret (not so secret anymore) part of me. Please don’t judge, these are simply my thoughts expressed openly. If you don’t like them, what are you doing here?

Writing ‘Em Away

indexWe just have this belief that thinking about unhappy things actually gets things done. When all it does is make us unhappy :I If we have to remember some gruesome task we need to do or some gruesome thought we have to keep (and I had this belief back when my OCD was severe. I wanted to hold onto all these unhappy thoughts or else I would “fall apart” somehow) then we should write it down.

When it’s needed, we can go back again and see what we did write. But for now, let’s just not care :I Why not bother ourselves with what makes us happy? Because that, indeed, gets worthwhile jobs done 😉 Positivity is key.


  1. Take out a notebook or document.
  2. Write all the bothersome thoughts
  3. Make an appointment with yourself to visit those thoughts later from your notes but for now…
  4. Enjoy the goodness that is now from the (slight, hmm?) freedom from those thoughts 🙂

Inspired by Muisho‘s post: What makes you happy.