Monday Productivity (Week 5)

I’ll start with 3 tweets I loved

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Rant: 22/6/12 (I am a dork)

“Mon! You are so sweet! So adorable! So funny!”

To me  I am just Mon The Builder, I mean, dork. Mon the dork. (Can we fix it!? Mooooon the builder. Yes we can! Mon and her mind, have so much fun. Working together, they get thinking done!)

When it’s other people to judge, I am not so negative. I tell myself, “OK, why? Why am I so negative to myself but not that same extent to other people?” I base my self-worth on how I do things (which is nothing), how well I do things (how well does one do “Nothing”? I can’t measure it!) and how much I do things for myself (Hey ma, nothin’ little nothing!). Continue reading