I am a Weird Dreamer

I’ve been seeing more White men in my dream of late. I don’t know what that’s supposed to symbolize, is it my mind telling me something about the fair-skin-idolization in my country? My “getting-intimate” dreams get so weird. You’ll know once you get to the end. I don’t feel comfortable even sharing this. But it got me wondering too.Alright, I will go on….

I had a blonde guy for a lover…..and he was shorter than me (Whoohooo) This time was a man waabout my own age. Anyway while me and Short-man was in some place, his employer said that Short-man (lover) wasn’t eligible for modelling…because he was short.  I got super mad at the employer and got all, “How could you say that to ma’ man, blah blah blah!”

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Helping a Person

I had a friend, Torsa. She is always friendly and talkative. Smiling all the time. She seemed to hate the mean girls in my class too, and that made me like her even more. When new students come to our class, they either

a) Join the mean girls

b) Be lonely

And Torsa choose the latter, somewhat. She would talk to mean girls, but not about “mean” things. They knew they could trust her too. One girl, Sheela, would often come to her to share her family problems with her because….you can’t share these stuff with mean girls! They’ll use your secrets to exploit you! Continue reading

Just a Two-timin’….Sensei


Dear Tania,

I recall back when you educated me (Oh, Sensei!) about the the “Guys don’t touch girls or vice versa” rule (it was innocent then, nothing of the adult sort). You broke the rule with my crush! Well…actually, all you did was high-five him, but I was SO mad! I think I was 8 years old then and you were 6.

Even though you were younger, face it, we both knew you were the smartest of both of us. Emotionally and intellectually. You were the top student in your class for 6-8 years in a row, I believe. AND I let you train me!! What the f*** was wrong with me then? 😥 Continue reading