10 Mon Facts & Domain Woes

Thank you Miss Ky for a the award nomination :3- Encouraging Thunder Award

 Why I started blogging

The reason I started blogging was because I thought I would get a free website……without the “.wordpress” added to the hot “.com” 😥 Boy was I wrong! I thought I could make some good adsense money off of my writing…. oh well. But I am planning on getting “serious” with blogging in the near-distant, distant future.Maybe after I start university. I’ll work on my grammar. I don’t even make that much effort to fix all the grammar issues. I vomit all over the place and…..that.

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Hello My Precious….D:


Thanks a lot to River from The Wacky World of River Hayden!!! You have no clue how hard I tried before I made my blog at least visually pleasing to myself, so thanks so much!

7 Factos About Mon:

  1. My Aunt calls me Mon-Moni 😀
  2. My Cousin calls me Bingu :I
  3. Sometimes I am called “Monu”
  4. Other times I am just “Mony”
  5. Mon means “mind” in Bangla 😮
  6. Mon is also the name of a language :/
  7. Mon is also a food-brand! Mon Foods!

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Veracity Challenge

I created a challenge! 🙂

In this challenge you can’t use a single adjective! Adjectives deliver our own opinions, but have we tried to see our thoughts objectively? From a distance? There is a quote from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it is: :Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts” That’s where the Veracity Challenge takes place.



  1. Write a paragraph without using a single adjective.
  2. Keep the link of the original Veracity Challenge in your post (so that the creator of the challenge may receive a pingback)
  3.  Anyone can join the challenge, you don’t have to be nominated!
  4.  Nominate 6 Bloggers for this challenge

Since I am the creator, I’ll nominate a bunch o’ peopple 😀

It’s mine