Productivity Spreedsheet


I am such an egoistic bastard, writing my name first all the time, I didn’t mean to though lol I just realized it after seeing this xD

Thanks to Dizzy Chick , Willy, Mel, and Wendy for playing along! 🙂 I think I did as much as I would expect myself to do (teehee). On Week 11, I did absolutely not-much 😮 I had period that week. 😥

Alright before I go on to my next week’s plans, here are some tweets-

The goat-quotes, ahhh….

Anyway, this week’s task won’t be a daily task for me 😮 More like weekly goals (even though keeping weekly goals didn’t work for me before, but it might now, since I am tracking my progress on MS word).

  1. Pick out 21 problems from my accounting questions
  2. Finish Chapter 3 & 4 of Maths
  3. Exercise for one hour

Ugh. Work. But I have to do them.

Do you want to take part in the Monday Productivity Challenge? (Well? You do, I know you do, I know it good). All you have to do is just list three tasks/goals you want to get done by next Monday in the comments section below. Then on next Monday, write about how you did the past week 😮 For last Spreedsheet, click HERE.

Monthly DDDC Spreadsheet

Monthly Progress.png

I read the posts and I made some maths calculations as to how many boxes will be marked for progress based on how we did with all 3 of the tasks :)) So obviously, the readers did way better than me hehe. I will update later when I get Willy’s update. But for now, here are the participants who wrote back about their progress-




Me lol

The first month’s work is done 🙂 What are your top 3 tasks for next week? 🙂 Anyone can join! I made the spreadsheet in the hope it would make us more motivated as we are being tracked :))


Day 6 of DDDC

I am going to blame my regression on my monthly flow. :p And to add to that, I had to go book shopping in a hot summer’s day. Ek. Go away, women troubles.

So…here’s my results ( 😀 ?)

Progress Agan.png

I am going to start studying from tomorrow because the pain is mostly over by  now and I think I will start exercising after three more days.

I just wanted to say that instead of making it a daily thing (The DDD Challenge), I am going to make it a weekly project. Like a check up every Monday 🙂 (So tomorrow there will be another one to check-up on, I made this post today mainly to mention this change).

Tomorrow, if you like, you can add your personal three-important-tasks you want to get done (or do daily throughout the next week) in the comments below on that post. You can tell me about your progress for the past 6 days 🙂

Until tomorrow, bye



Get to know a Mon

Thanks to Afternoon of Sundries for giving me the Sunshine Blogger Award.I am glad you thought of me 🙂 Now to the questions


  • If you could channel your soul into a spirit animal, what would it be and why?“Channel your soul” sounds scary, lol. So just to turn this around- I did think about what creature I would be other than human. I thought ‘a lion’ just to be on top of the food chain. But then I wondered about being a parasite living off of some tree and not having to work for food ever again. I am not sure if any creatures ever eats….tree-parasites. I just don’t want to get eaten.Then again there’s the danger of deforestation. But in terms of which animal I can relate to a lot (and not much about being inedible), I think it would be a dolphin. They’re so smiley and fun.

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DDDC Day 2

Randomly sharing one great song along the way 🙂

Anyone can join the Do-Did-Done Challenge (DDDC). It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week. If you want to join, just write your Top 3 Actions in the comments below to do throughout the week. And I will track your progress on a spreadsheet if you happen to have time to let me know. Here’s my progress for Day 1 (yesterday)

Day 1.png

I am going to edit my tasks for the week slightly just to make it easier. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought (@Marie Forleo). And from engaging in the tasks, I gained  clarity to make someslight changes.

For example, instead of meditating five times a day, I want to do it once. I wanted to do it five times a day because the peace from meditation doesn’t usually last long, but I find it easier to do it for 20 minutes straight like I used to. And as for studying accounting, I find that I have more concentration for studies at night. I also forgotten a lot of the things I learnt a year ago. So I need to focus more on studying the steps rather than doing them. And….I am approaching the date of my monthly flow so I need to reduce the time I exercise (but only by 3 minutes ha) Okay so here’s my new list:

  1. Meditate for 20 minutes
  2. Cario-exercise for 7 minutes upon waking up
  3. Take accounting notes after dinner.


DDDC Day 1

It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week. Read more about it here: Do-Did-Done Challenge

My actions for this week are-

1) Do 4-minute meditation 5 times each day (20 minutes).

2) Write the first 4 steps in one accounting problem every afternoon (I have a hard time even studying this subject, so I will start with small steps, specifically 4 little ones)

3) Cardio-Dance for 10 minutes upon waking up

I have one buddy to do this challenge with- @Melarish