Our Independence Song: A Capella

I sometimes wonder how we only celebrate the independence from Pakistan and not the independence from England because the deaths created by the former country were bigger. I guess we can’t have two independence days? *shrugs* Anyway, this is a cool song 😀


Bloggie Reconishion Awadaaa

Whooptidooop. I got recognized :’) In all my life, I am finally…..*dies*

Thanks a lot to Jen and Amy for *recognizing* me :’) 😀

I started blogging without any idea of what would happen. I thought I would just write a shitty first post and then get lost in the web. But it didn’t turn out as that, y’all, since y’all are reading. Y’all are reading, right? Y’all? Continue reading

My Friend’s Getting Featured!

My dear friend Amy’s blog is getting featured on the freakin’ radio! Go congratulate her! o_o Getting featured on the media for our writing is something every blogger wants, I believe. I am so happy for her! 😀 Pay my dear friend a visit, now go go go! 🙂

[Comments disabled her, please go to her site to leave your messages :)]

Every Word You Say

Hey guys, this is just going to be a blog post where I talk about random stuff so enjoy!

Skype Calls

Yesterday I had a Skype call with the amazing Elm and it was brilliant! I was so nervous making making the call because as most of you know I’m not good with socialising, but I definitely don’t regret it! In fact, I enjoyed it so much I’d love to do it again. So, if any of you reading this would like to chat with me on Skype then you can just email me and we’ll set a call up. Just be warned I will be in my pyjamas, no makeup, messy hair, and probably holding a cup of tea! I’d also like to remind you that I am human! This was something Elm and I discussed, sometimes newer bloggers feel that bloggers with more followers are really scary. Please don’t ever feel…

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I always celebrate spams XD I see it as a sign that they see my blog space as good enough for people to notice their crappy adds XD So far, I think I received 7 spams?

One was about this Barack Obama website and how great Barack Obama is or something like that XD

Anyhow, here are some tips to avoid spam:

  1. I have significantly reduced my spam-comments from entering my website by following the tip I mentioned here: My Comment Blacklist
  2. Another was to hold all comments with links in them in the moderation queue
  3. Also, I put any comments with two or more links to be sent to the spam folder in the settings (I check this folder everyday just in case, though)

This will be in the personal development section because……I personally developed my blog! 😀 No actually I learnt it and learning is a personal development thing 😛 🙂

New Award AND Massive Nominations!


Thanks to Nooper for awarding me with the Creative Blogger Award 🙂

But I am NOT going to just award one award to my nominees, these are nominees I feel who should deserve ALL these awards! Lots of people couldn’t accept my previous awards, so there should be an all new start. These precious little awards did no wrong to not be recognized (LOL!!! XD). Hence they MUST be taken by someone so… THESE awards are for others who deserve the award as well 😀 (P.S I didn’t choose some people who had all these awards…you already have them! 😛 )

Mind you, I NEVER choose random people when selecting for awards. I always give thought to who should get them 🙂

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