A New Challenge? 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

“The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must move in 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” ~Mel Robbins

I want to buy The 5-Second Rule book but I don’t think it’s available in my country, so I settled for a couple of youtube videos on it and here are concluding thoughts on it-

You will never ‘feel’ like working ‘someday’. You’re never going to feel like working. So now what?

Whenever you get an impulse to do a productive action, you have 5-seconds before that motivation dissipates and your brain starts making excuses to not do the work. The initial ‘reaction energy’ of the impulse in your brain (when you feel an urge like, “Hey, I should DO this”) takes up a lot of energy to work you up, so you need to make the best of it. When the impulse comes, count backward to 5 seconds as you run like a rocket-ship towards your work. The more you think before doing productive work, the less you’ll want to do it. You’re not a procrastinator- you have a habit of procrastinating. The more you practice this, the more bias you’ll  have about overthinking about doing your work.

I heard about it before and I thought, “Ha! It’s just your way of getting me to work even though I am not motivated”, but now I realized it was trying to work with the fleeting motivation while it’s still there.

I’ve tried it for the last 48 hours….and yeah, I don’t get these impulses much. But whenever I do I move fast, like I did by waking up early morning and studying 🙂 I’ve learnt it for myself that it indeed takes a couple seconds until the motivation fades away. I think meditating more will clear my mind of unnecessary things and I will be getting more spurts of motivation.

Revival: Book Review

 Revival by Stephen King

Revival by Stephen King

My Rating: 1/5 stars

A coming-to-age ‘horror’ (it wasn’t) from Stephen King.

Little kid meets a kindly priest who one day loses faith in his religion after the death of some people (I say ‘some people’ to not spoil who died). The priest moves away when the church fires him for saying anti-religion sermons at the church.

The kid, on the other hand, grows up and goes from working for one band to another. Along the way, one day in a festival, the all-grown-up kid ( I started with ‘kid’ and I forgot the name of the character) meets the ex-priest who electrocutes people to make them heal (REVIVES them), look better etc by use of electricity (a big obsession of the priest’s from the beginning), claiming the (electric) power comes through to him from the Divine. But bad things started to happen to his clients as a consequence of his electrocuting them, so ex-priest moves from place to place to live in hiding from getting sued by these people.

The ‘scary’ bits happen by the ending, while all this time you’re learning about all the stuff I summarized above. This book is a major slow-burn/ THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS EVER! Character development- no.

Language- no, too many names of different brands, places, etc which like were added to make the book bigger (and sound more like an instruction manual). I don’t see how others say this was this was NOT SCARY, and trust me, I get scared easily. This book was my first encounter with Stephen King.

Plot- no.

World-building: 1.5/5

The Prince and Queen Elizabeth

Although m’fedora (I just..MEMES!) M’Lady didn’t marry but I thought that was an interesting title :3 This week for book reviews are sponsored by the letters ‘P’ and ‘Q’


The Prince  by  Niccolò Machiavelli

2/5 for me.

This book makes it real for you about how some people truly are subtle at the art of manipulation.

Some sentences are way too long, when a simple thing could be expressed more concisely.For example- “It remains now to see what ought to be the rules of conduct for a prince toward subject and friends. And as I know that many have written on this point, I expect I shall be considered presumptuous in mentioning itagain, especially as in discussing it I shall depart from the methods of other people. But it being my intention to write a thing which shall be useful to him to apprehends it……” Ugh.

I read this a year ago but it’s on my read-again list, not because the writing is good, but because I am a gullible simpleton who needs to read this enough times



Queen Elizabeth by Edward Spencer Beesly Image result for Queen Elizabeth by Edward Spencer Beesly

3/5 stars

This is such a well-researched, well-written and unbiased book! I wish I had a physical copy of this where I could mark important lines and dates. There were bunch of names of different people which can make you forget as to whose who. But the main point here is that Elizabeth is a badass lady who defied the socially-accepted ‘get married, Queeny’-law and did what she thought was right no matter what the churches might have thought of her ways. Will be in my re-read list

Book Review: Narrative of my Captivity

Narrative of my Captivity by Fanny Kelly



It was obvious that this person wasn’t a writer but her writing did flow in a way(perhaps because the sentences were very simple?). The problem with such simple writing is that, instead of describing what ‘torture’ or ‘violently attacked me” were (except only once where she mentioned an Indian burning her hand by pressing a hot-object on her hand when she threw something of theirs’ in anger), it becomes difficult to relate to her.

And instead of clearly telling us what ‘mutilated’ meant every time she mentioned the word, it was a hazy image in my mind. But after reading Geronimo’s tale, I realized that it was how Indians cut the skin of the scalp of dead warriors after they win a battle (as a prize, I am guessing?). Geronimo mentions that the ones who mutilate dead bodies that aren’t from a battle they won are another sector of small Indians who weren’t part of the Apache group. But non-fiction books with simple, flowy writing like this keeps your interest.

And comparing this to Geronimo’s Story of his Life. I found some that she indeed hasn’t mentioned anything about being sexually harassed, which Geronimo said the Indians don’t do unlike what was done to their captured women. I think it is best to read books like this in contrast to another book from another different perspective.

It seemed hypocritical when she called Indians the people who took over without any intention of sharing the land, when, that sounds oddly familiar to what happened to the Indians. She has also called her people the ‘superior’, ‘civilized’ “EMIGRANTS” while uneducated, uncultured Indians are these savages who, as it is sounding like, are taking over her land. The only person I rooted for in this book was Fanny’s daughter

Book Review: A Monster Calls

 A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


My Rating: 5/5!

I cried. I stopped…….oh I cried again.

I believe the monster was a figment of the boy’s imagination. I think this is a psychological thriller where ‘A monster’ was a part of him he was unconsciously repressing for the guilt of wanting the pain of her mother’s impending death to be over with. In the end you see that the monster says if he doesn’t accept this part of himself, he will be ‘stuck’ there forever- if I dissected that, it meant that unrepresented emotions will always come to haunt you. Whatever emotions you resist, persists. Until you are honest with yourself, this darkness will cripple you

Even though the language was too simple, the psychological plot and the awesome suspense made up for it-I was awake till 2AM until I finished this book. I respected the author with the way he has shown the reality of the boy’s trouble in very raw forms, not trying to fluff things around.

Mini Book-Reviews: K, L

We have book-titles that start with ‘K’ and ‘L’ this week 😀

Kim by Rudyard Kipling


My Rating: 1/5

I don’t know what to say about writer because Rudyard Kipling is the same guy who wrote one of my favorite childhood movies- Jungle Book. The plot in Kim wasn’t interesting. The character-development is terrible and the writing style (who am I to judge? But I can still critique!!) isn’t good 😦

Lord of the Flies by William Golding


My Rating: 3/5

This book was quite disturbing . I don’t get how this is a book that is used in schools for children. The problems I had was that some details on the surroundings seemed overdone. I felt tired from reading so much Chinese-ish words I don’t know the meanings of; it made me realize why I hated reading when I was younger. I still gave it 3 starts because it kind of disturbed me and I really liked how the characters were realistically portrayed.

If you read this book, you’ll know why I shared this disturbing picture

Image result for pig head lord of the flies

Mini Book-Reviews: H, I, J

H, I and J for this week 🙂 I don’t know if the last are reviews since I am only sharing my favorite bits

Haiku by Richard Wright


My Rating: 3/5

Some of my favorite Haikus from the book-

The crow flew so fast
That he left his lonely caw
Behind in the fields.

A wounded sparrow
Sinks in clear cold lake water,
Its eyes still open.

The sport stadium:
Every seat is taken
By whirling snowflakes.

A leaf chases wind
Across an autumn river
And shakes a pine tree.

(I accidentally deleted my review! 😥

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


My Rating: 2/5

Character development- 3.5/5. Good enough, but I felt like we weren’t able to go deep with Jane’s character.

Language- 0/5. Nada. It’s probably because of the ways the language has changed. I felt like a 2/3 of the book was skippable(?? Needs to be a word then!)

Plot- 5/5. She is amazing at this, how things seem to connect together was magical.

And for I’s, since I didn’t write any short reviews previously for any other books, I will just give tiny reviews of some children’s books that I liked :))

 I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll, Howard McWilliam (Illustrator)


My Rating: 3/5

I liked everything about the book except the boring ending *pouts*

 I Broke My Trunk! by Mo Willems


My Rating: 5/5!!

Mo Williams is one of the writers who genuinely try to make you laugh while you’re reading, kid or adult :)) If I have children, I want to buy them a whole bunch of Mo Williams picture-books; he is among my favorite children’s book authors ❤

I am a Frog by by Mo Willems


My Rating: 3/5

From the book:

“Everyone pretends!”

“Even grown-ups?”

“All the time”.