Fuming Ball of Dope. Part 1

My thick, heavy, lengthy 10 years’ Readers’ Digest compilation, 1979-1989, is problematic to hold up. Yet I finished half of it in three days, that’s how good sh*t is. Writers long before us ….their preciseness- f*cking spectacular!

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Desire #1

The hemisphere turned a deep and yet,

light blue.

Multi-shaded sky brought

shadows that befell with it

a shower of rain-drops

disturbed the silence of

navy blue puddles.

The skies, undecided.






The trees have company;

towering blue-jays.

Over it,

“Chirp. Tweep. Cheap!”

Did I just hear cheap?


Droplets swirled down my face.

My face that…..

darkly shone.

This gloom blue on my white-dress

as I lied on the muddy earth.

“I wish….

to only stop wishing…”


(To be continued….)

Mon’s Note: Not my best work xD So sorry 😮 😥

Photo: The Elegance of a Silent Dream