Reading Love & 3DQC

  1. “My best friend in high school will relate, because we were the most hated students in Ms. Gibb’s class. We had laughing fits, on a daily basis, over stupid shit, like Ms. Gibb’s flock of seagulls hair”
    When You Know You Need a Vacation
  2. Crossing Over (A Senryu)
  3. “Like the dry parched farms,
    My barren soul awaits the shower of your love..

    The monsoon has just began,
    And I see love blossoming all around.”
    Without You…

Some favorite Quotes:

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Friday Reader Love!

Read. Link. Discover! Also this is the last link-promotion of this year! 😀 Enjoy the year, kids! (I will turn 20 soon, don’t worry I am only growing younger)

The Shooting Star

I grabbed my 8 year old’s journal and read the following called, “The Shooting Star”: “…We saw billions of stars outside. We saw at least two falling stars. It looked amazing. We layed on the ground and looked up at the stars and saw twelve dippers.”


One eye forward
One eye back
Two eyes sideways

How To Write The Best Blog Post that Will Wow Your Readers

To attain the best blog post you must consider these two important facts:

  • Obviously, have a blog. Check
  • A notepad or word processor . Check

All checked?

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Tucson Sunsets Never Get Old

This is a scheduled post! 😮 It’s been hard to write here so I am just going to share some good reads:

My therapist helped me put together a coping card for times I’m not feeling well since I’m not going to be able to continue therapy.

What To Do If I’m……

My wounds run deep, my scars an ever present reminder that what’s just below the surface isn’t so pretty and although I try to rise above sometimes I need to just wallow in what lies beneath.

You are also obsessed with someone who is not as obsessed with you as you are with him/her. You are overtly dependent on that person and you try really hard to make that person dependent on you. You want that person to be with you all the time. If that person wants his/her own space, you will become possessive. The irony of all this…..

“I mean, well…what happens when this changes and it’s not exciting anymore?”

“It won’t always look exactly the way it does right now. It will look different and then shift and look different again. But that doesn’t mean it will change in a bad way.”………….

Can I Ask You a Question?

At some point in a blogger’s “career” they begin to grow confident about their social media presence. That is a good thing. What isn’t a “good thing” is the higher than thou attitude many take on towards newbie bloggers that are just starting.

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