Tip of the week: Methods of Goal Tracking

As usual, I share tips by the end of the audios and babble in the beginning. Tip of the week starts from 5:44s, the audio kind of cut off by the end 😥

(Image in Audio- Source):

I actually follow Iridescence’s goal-tracking method but with a twist. I record how much I rate myself on various tasks daily on an app called Daily Diary (it has many categories to write the various signs of progress for a single day). And then, I record my OVERALL progress (using the patterns in the picture below, because they motivate me to create more colorful squares on my sheet) at the end of every 5 days. If mine sounds too complicated (it’s sounding complicated to me) just look at how Iridescence records them below and try it out.


Tip of the Week: Get an Awesome haircut

I made the mistake of going back to Twitter- again. And again. And again. It’s so easy to log into that fucking site and see who hates whom.

I haven’t done the ‘tip of the week’ thing I did in my audios because I don’t want to write transcripts for my audios. The audio is basically me embarrassing myself but I also share a tip that has helped me and made…..life easier, I guess because I hate hair touching my neck. Aaaannnnndd, I got a super weird haircut that makes me happy and helps me to dry my hair easier after bathing 🙂

The tip is that a great haircut affects you everyday and makes you happy. So go get one. No, I mean it. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’re worth that (unless you’re a mass murderer)


This week’s update and tip (Audio)

In my last audio, I sounded very different from how I usually sound. It sounded weird, it sounded raw….it sounded weird. I forgot to upload earlier but it’s felt like only 3 days passed since my last audio. Maybe that’s an effect of reducing one of my pills (Joking!) On that note, I am meditating for making up for taking one less pill.

Recently I reduced my rice intake by 3 servings and that did not feel good because I couldn’t move around- I was lethargic, so I increased it by 2 servings again. I guess one health tip won’t work for everyone, some people need more carbs I guess.

This week’s tip: Not everyone of us has positive, sunshiney people around us. Unless you’re in Denmark you aren’t going to meet those kinds of people so much. (Starts making lip-smacking sounds, criticizes self for such sounds, tries hard to not smack lips).

And you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I’ve recently been listening to self-help audios and audios where the people are really positive and vibrant. My brain kind of reprogrammes itself to take in their personalities (from listening to them every single day). I downloaded Audacity that helps you to record audios from videos on your computer, I find it better than video converters online.

Last week’s tip was letting in more sunlight into your house to improve your mood. This week’s tip is listening to people with qualities you want to embody/ We lear n better from listening than from reading. Not just people with great quaqlities, also listen to advice/self-help podcasts/audios too.* Listening is better than reading to me because I take in information better that way than just from reading.

*For example, I’ve been listening to an audio of Overcoming Childhood for a couple days in a row and it helped me to be nicer to myself these past couple of days (instead of blaming myself for certain thought-patterns, eg low self-esteem thoughts and accepting it as something that automatically happens and something I can deal with slowly)


Less Drugs, More Light (Audio)

I am kind of in a weird position. I mean, I am not….that…drugged because that’s what happens when you take drugs. Not unprescribed drugs…for now. I mean, I’m not saying I am taking illegal drugs, I am saying I reduced my (prescribed) drug by one dose. Initially it started to go haywire (in) my head but I think I can handle it. You don’t know how sucky it can be to be with these stupid drugs.*


How are you? I’m talking to an empty phone in an empty room….wait, what is an empty phone? I’ve (also) been listening to a lot of podcasts and I am thinking of making a blogpost where I summarize my thoughts on some great podcast. It’s a little too early to pick favorite tracts but I’ll post some great podcasts in a little while after….soon? No, in a little while, could’ve just said that.

*(Back to elephant in the empty room) I am taking a risk with lessening my drugs. I did this once already before and it didn’t go well. I am taking the lessons I made at that time to reduce the effect of not making the mistake of not meditating enough and reading triggering (political or otherwise) things online. As a millennial with mental illness (Oh lookie, a stereotype….that fits me).

I am thinking of doing a weekly audio thing where I share a tip that helps me. It might help me to motivate me to post audio-vlogs and be more…..action-minded. No you can’t be action-minded, that’s a paradox. You know what I mean, I am just going to share one thing that helped me this week, yeah redundant.

This week I’ve been brightening up the room by pushing away the curtains (more) and letting more natural light in. It, pardon the pun, makes me feel more illuminated. I think that just having a bright atmosphere is so good for your health and we as humans need that. Just to lighten up my mood a little, I’ve been making my room as bright as possible with light. Not necessarily electric light when I could do with only one light and not waste- what I mean is natural light. What I mean is we should light things up….no, what I mean is, increase more light that comes into your room. That’s for this week, don’t blow stuff up or light things up. Just brighten up your room……with light (ha). Bye.

More talk (Audio)


Today is the last day of February* and I had an apple. Feeling so gassy, it’s not good- obiouvsly. So (sigh) productivity-wise I just rate myself 1.5/10 because every freakin’ day I think I am going to be positive and productive and then I am none of those (the following day).I still try, but TRY doesn’t necessarily mean I do anything. I LITERALLY TRY (lol) to get my butt off. I’ve been exercising and I am a lot more flexible. Back when I wasn’t overweight (like now, 20 kgs ago), I was a lot seriously about exercising. I’d

Back when I wasn’t overweight like now (25 kgs ago), I was a lot serious about exercising. I’d literally wake up early morning, have some milk and exercise. I had milk before exercising because I wanted to get muscles. I don’t want to be ripped like those (heavy-weight lifting) muscular guys, I just wanted to be more sculpted.  ‘Sculpted’ is out of the window now, I have to be ‘average’ now

You can’t see me (I mean, you can’t right? :O lol) but every time I make a point I just raise my hand. I just did it now when I said ‘I make a point’. Oh my God…. Okay…. I am so silly. So….I think I’ll keep this update short, who the heck would want to be listening to stuff like this?

(I went to the topic of books)

I’ve recently been reading Sherlock Holmes. I frekin’ bought a whole volume (of Sherlock Holmes). There are two volumes of Sherlock Holmes books, I think volume i has 6 of the first series of the books and vol.ii has the other six. I remember reading from the middle of the book and loving ONE single line of the book that captivated me to buy six books. Right now I am reading the book and I am bored…..well, not that bored, I’d rate it a 3/5 for me- so it’s not like I have to drag myself to finish it. I still want to finish the book (despite it boring me at times). I haven’t been reading many physical books. Most of the books I have are E-bukes……I mean E-books.

(Low self-esteem strikes just in time) Oh man, I talk like I am all ‘that’ but I am not. Do I sound like I am ‘all that’? I don’t….know. Okay, nevermind. Bye.

*WHY DO I KEEP MAKING THESE MISTAKES!? I meant ‘last day of JANUARY’! this year D:

Pointless talking (Audio)

Going back to speaking quietly so my parents can’t hear me. I am back I guess……what do I mean “I guess”? I am talking. Oh my God, I am so cringey. So I just had my dinner and (low self-esteem hits) Oh my God, I am always so….ughh…. (I was just confused over how to express myself lol)

So the day BEFORE (not ‘after’, oh man, why do I do this? xD) yesterday I tried to post something and tried to make it a silly post. Then after reading some news on Twitter I just came back to my post and added my thoughts on the DAPL. I made a really stupid post which was half silly things and half serious things.

I am always losing my mind when I am doing these audio-things. You can’t see me but at times I try to look for shadows under my door to see if my parents are anywhere near. I don’t want them to see their stupid daughter making recordings for whatever….quietly. This is just me on audio. I mean, what the heck would I do if I were making a video? I’d just crack.

On studies, I think I only do well under pressure. When I am not under pressure I don’t want to study- I think that’s the case with most others.

And I wish I could stop breathing into the microphone- but I can’t because that’s…what I do.

[I had to stop it there because Mom was calling me. So that’s me…erm….bye].