Tip of the week: Methods of Goal Tracking

As usual, I share tips by the end of the audios and babble in the beginning. Tip of the week starts from 5:44s, the audio kind of cut off by the end 😥

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I actually follow Iridescence’s goal-tracking method but with a twist. I record how much I rate myself on various tasks daily on an app called Daily Diary (it has many categories to write the various signs of progress for a single day). And then, I record my OVERALL progress (using the patterns in the picture below, because they motivate me to create more colorful squares on my sheet) at the end of every 5 days. If mine sounds too complicated (it’s sounding complicated to me) just look at how Iridescence records them below and try it out.


Monthly Blogger Love

Woman stands up for Alton Sterling.Jonathan Bachman /Reuters.


From Tony Single-

Why do you also Write To Heal?
T: I have to. That’s the simplest answer. I have depression, severe body image issues, and I can’t grow a manly beard to save my life. I’ve spent decades of my life pretending I have it all together. I clearly don’t.- Writing To Heal Feature

From 18 year writer at When You’ve Been Abused

If it’s one of those days where life is just crazy and there is a lot going on that I feel like I need to think about I sit down roughly an hour before bed and write a list. This list consists of things that I need to think about. I find this interesting because it places value onto my thinking time.Insomnia is a gross feeder.

From A Life Less Ordinary

Listening and being aware of others is so important when doing an act of kindness. This allows you to be much more capable of seeing opportunities. It’s when the action meets the need where the magic really happens so notice….- Simple Kindness Promotes Big Happiness!

Reward-Punishment in Relationship

I wore my heart on my sleeve with Therapist. I expressed my anxiety over my exams and stuff going on with my Mother. I said some other things too, which I will hopefully write about in the blog. But anyhow, at one point during conversing with her I held back tears and just asked, “Can you recommend me doing something that will bring me closer to my Mother?” She taught me this cool trick I saw on the Discovery Channel that owners do with their dogs. The reward/punishment method.

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Tucson Sunsets Never Get Old

This is a scheduled post! 😮 It’s been hard to write here so I am just going to share some good reads:

My therapist helped me put together a coping card for times I’m not feeling well since I’m not going to be able to continue therapy.

What To Do If I’m……

My wounds run deep, my scars an ever present reminder that what’s just below the surface isn’t so pretty and although I try to rise above sometimes I need to just wallow in what lies beneath.

You are also obsessed with someone who is not as obsessed with you as you are with him/her. You are overtly dependent on that person and you try really hard to make that person dependent on you. You want that person to be with you all the time. If that person wants his/her own space, you will become possessive. The irony of all this…..

“I mean, well…what happens when this changes and it’s not exciting anymore?”

“It won’t always look exactly the way it does right now. It will look different and then shift and look different again. But that doesn’t mean it will change in a bad way.”………….

Can I Ask You a Question?

At some point in a blogger’s “career” they begin to grow confident about their social media presence. That is a good thing. What isn’t a “good thing” is the higher than thou attitude many take on towards newbie bloggers that are just starting.

Image by Kristy Harvey

Blogging Pet-Peeve

Oh dear, where do I begin? I already wrote a blog post on ways to be a better blogger. Now I think I will write about a personal blogging pet-peeve..

The Read More Tag

Make sure your posts are accessible from the reader and the mail. I don’t understand why people have a “read more” section on the reader. You get views from ONLY new visits, so your view counts isn’t necessarily going to up from that. (You get views when people open the window or email anyway, right? The tag doesn’t make a different, from what I learnt:)

To avoid this for email: Publish the whole post first and THEN put the “Read more” tag as you update the post. This way the readers who read from their emails don’t have to click on that unnecessary tag. If they didn’t want to read more, why would they have subscribed to me? If the Read More Tag is enabled on the reader, make sure it isn’t by disallowing only summaries from your blog to be shown.

The only place this crazy tag belongs to is in the home-page; where first time readers decide if my blog is sh*t for them or not xD I can’t tell you of the tons of awesome bloggers I unsubscribed from just because of tag 😥 I have unsubscribed from SO SO SO many.

Also, the only time I accept the Read More Tag is if you make money from Google Adsense 😛 Which, so far a lot of you don’t 😛

Image by Paul Militaru