These are posts which are arranged by how often they are viewed. Not how many likes they got (I get so many views from outside of WordPress 😉 ) For more articles, check out my Archives Page 🙂

I realize that a lot of these have grammatical mistakes in it but it’s a part of the past me, so I won’t edit them 🙂 They are memories.

  1. Crying is Self-Respect
  2. Forces of Nature
  3. Bucket List
  4. An Angry Household
  5. Sex
  6. Flash Fiction: Age
  7. 25 Facts About Me: Part 2
  8. Vulnerability: Part 5
  9. How can I Improve my Writing?
  10. Vulnerability: Part 3
  11. Pathay Purthay!
  12. My Father isn’t a Feminist. But….
  13. Rant: 17/6/15 (Feminism)
  14. How I Think Abuse Takes Place
  15. When Parents Fight
  16. How I Detect Creepy Online People
  17. Nothing New
  18. Haiku: Nothing New
  19. How to Raise Self-Esteem: 3 Tips
  20. When I Hear a Guy Call himself a Player
  21. I Felt Like a Person Today
  22. Audio Rant
  23. Question of the Year
  24. I Called Someone