Comment turned Poetry!

This Comment written here by an angel named Willy. Willy writes poetry at My Story Rhymes and while I was reading his very supportive comment, I saw his prosaic flair in it and….structured it into a poem! 😀 🙂 Enjoy!

You are your own person lovely,

not a reflection.

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An ode to our many villages

Loads of fun walking on  bamboo bridges

Lots of uses with their own little lakes

Life in the slow lane…

Your bosoms, open.

Green lush. Smooth clay kisses my feet.

You clear my heart

of it’s city smoke.

You shouldn’t suffer through

this trash of an excuse

known as “development”.


Don’t get me started on all the baby goats. SO CUTEAAAA

Global warming.

All is fuming.

Longevity shall be

cut by half soon.

We must take flight.

Don’t let the humans get to us.

Me and my family….

And you.

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Shitty Prose: Skinny

The topic to write about was skin, I was about to make this an erotica, but I am not an erotica person (in public xD). So….I am just going to describe my skin? xD

A golden hue, your pale-brown view. When sunshine strikes. a yellow shade emerges. What was I about write? Yikes?

But inside the house, you’re a caramel but you’d rather be on Mount Carmel. Your love for nature. And acupressure. And, I am deviating from the subject; I had to create an effect. What rhymes with caramel like Mount Carmel? The other one is  “Oramel” but that is a person’s name.

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Gift of Romance

I used to imagine myself with a Japanese guy names Maikue xD So yeah, The acrostic of the poem is his name. (MAIKUE!! AHHH! Okay it’s actually spelled “Maiku” but I needed to add the ‘e’ for my awesome ending).

Gift of romance

Maikue, your voice

As deep as my ache.

Incessant thirst stored within my

Kalpis of desire rimmed by wintry chill.

Untainted, your heart. My love will soon

Expugn it with my red-hot cool

Wow, what a narcissistic poem. I am one hot piece of coolness yo. Okay, LOL. That’s it for today. Noticed I have been writing more poems of late? I am taking a poetry course online 😮 And this one took more than an hour to write. Poetry is damn hard.

No Ode To Monitor Screen

Squinting. Oh Sinful Shine.

Sombered to it’s dimmest point.

Sack my sight not.

My internet-addiction! I always dim the brightness when using the computer, it’s gotten so bad I can’t stand it.Yes, maybe I will take care of my eye-sight better. Maybe :p

It took me over 40 minutes to write and find the words for this puzzling poem And the alliteration part of this poem….. where I use the “s” word a lot? Eh? EH!? 😀

Image:140/365) Computer magic