(Image in audio cropped. Credit to via Ford Knoxville)

If you don’t understand me (probably because of my bad grammar and my pronounciation) here’s a Transcript (with a lot of things cut out and some things added to make more sense of what I meant)

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I (try to) talk, you listen

I mention closing my eyes  it helps to make my thoughts more “linear” and I can “see” them better and can then *try* to articulate it. My anxiety worsens my grammar. I edited this track to cut out a TON of long pauses in between thoughts. I donno, I felt like talking about my difficulty with talking. I cut out a lot of nervous singing I did in the audio too, ha. Pardon all the noises around me. Also, my accent is different. It’s a mix of Bengali and Weirdo and Cute :p

Me Singing “Projapotita”

Just singing two lines of one great song 😮 I am not feeling mentally well these couple of days. And then I made myself sing this, LOL. I think this was my 11th try. The first couple were awful and my notes were all out of the place. It still is, but it’s better 😛 Singing therapy. Being able to “perfect” my voice a little through the practice was a good therapy 🙂 Here’s my result:

AND here’s the original song:

Song starts from 0:10 seconds here

Audio (with transcript): Yesterday’s Mental State

I noticed I make a lot of mistakes both….grammar-wise and….logic-wise (huh?). But bear with me :@ I also stutter a lot.

It’s been a couple of days since my new year’s resolution. Not couple of days but 18 days I guess, or something. I don’t count the dates. But anyway….since last December…. November-December I’ve been kind of “not-right”- not feeling right. Not all the time but sometimes.

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British Accent: A sad attempt

The main thing starts after 20 seconds in the audio, you can’t hear much before it. xD I was basically mumbling about how I didn’t want my parents to listen to me do this xD So yeah. The ending was pathetic because the whole time I thought I sounded pretty posh. When I listened to it, I was a little proud of myself, but horrified at the same time. I wasn’t paying much attention to what I sounded like, just trying to get my mouth used to the accent xD

I also get squeaky when I laugh so the “F*ck” you heard in the middle of my important “speak”, LOL. Sorry. I can’t stop my swearing.

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Audio Rant.

Parents are in the next room watching Cricket and I am here lying. I am not a big fan of scripts and right now I just want to *yawn* say whatever I want, which won’t be much.

I can’t believe some people think feminism is this evil thing. They are entitled to their opinion. But why? Who told you that? (Background: All of a sudden a motor bike started making noise and that annoyed me)Sh*t. Just now I read this post about a guy who didn’t like the fact that women said they had a voice because he didn’t believe that id they didn’t experience the pain, they shouldn’t HAVE to speak up for it. What the f? I haven’t experienced poverty and I can’t speak up for it?

Some people are messed up. They think just because you aren’t experiencing pain other women go through, why are you complaining? Yeah. Like those women aren’t humans and just because I am a women who didn’t experience what they did, it makes it less important to speak up for it.

I am quite addicted  to the internet. All day I am on it. I pass the whole day on it and then all of a sudden I look at the clock and think, “What the f? How did so much time

They have VEINS! Credit:

pass by?”

I think plants feel pain. When we tear a leaf or cut them. Because plants have veins, too.I will show a picture in this post.

I really don’t have a script, I really don’t know what to say (Mon’s note: I am lazy! Accept me for me! XD). I guess that’s the beauty of it.

Spontaneity. Or is it spontaneousness?

I don’t really speak much. I need alone time…alone. To recharge. Sometimes after talking a lot (I feel tired) especially after recording I am speaking a lot and when I am talking to people, I don’t even talk this much. I become so tired (from talking) and I think, “Oh my gosh! I have contacted the external…stuff; I talked!” And I wasn’t thinking and that makes me real tired. I don’t know how other people can go on and on about all this shit. Talking about what they ate, what they did….shit. I don’t mind it, I just don’t know. When someone talks I expect them to bear their soul. I don’t do that, but when someone does it I feel comfortable to do it too!

I recently;y learnt about narcissism-stuff. And I saw this video and I think the man is a narcissist (Mon’s note: I won’t mention that guy, what if he comes after me? :o). This stuff is crazy. I love Dr. Phill.

Have you heard of blogger-crush? A crush on a blogger you’ve never seen before? Yeah. I’ve had it. It’s crazy. This blogger is a GREAT writer and Wow.I won’t mention is name. OoooOOoo! (Why did I make this noise?)

I was just thinking about how big our ego is because we don’t support the teachers, the surgeons, the doctors in this country like we support the cricketers. I myself get excited when I watch cricket but then I try to remind myself that this is just a bunch of kids from our country who train themselves to play against others kids from another country That doesn’t mean the whole nation succeeded. Our nation is still a developing country. Unless those cricketers donate to charity, I don’t think much good comes of it.We don’t show much support to the ones who do actual good to the society. We just try to live vicariously through the cricketers and think we are actually doing something with our lives by watching a bunch of kids play.

I am tired. I can’t speak anymore. Introvert needs to rest!