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I feel sorry for the kids growing up around my place.  They’ll never know what it feels like to try to walk quietly thru the woods and try to sneak up on some squirrels or deer as they feed. …They’ll never know what it feels, smells like and sounds like to walk thru the leaves in the woods.  Even my grands associate all of that with “getting dirty”.  They haven’t learned that “getting dirty” is a part of growing and having fun.- A Few Thoughts

Deep in the hold, gripped tight by the billowy roll and rock of a sleepless ocean, the cargo stirs. Weight shifts on creaky deckboards, seeking balance and rest. Chains shake and rattle, testing their limits of free play.-100 word story: Birth of the Blues

There is such a thing as feeling in a way that is delayed (by minutes or even weeks or more- depending on how weak or strong the processing is). This means the emotion isn’t SHOWING at the “appropriate” time frame. But it’s appropriate, entirely appropriate for some folks like myself. Just accept that not everyone is like you.-Oops, My Aspergers Is Showing!

The instructor had a stack of flashcards with words such as “good” “bad” annoying” “life threatening” etc This had to do with reactions to different relationship behaviors that we were reading from a set of different cards. This exercise revealed how sometimes people are not aware of how some behaviors are warning signs for abuse.What Self-Defense Class Teaches You



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Woman stands up for Alton Sterling.Jonathan Bachman /Reuters.


From Tony Single-

Why do you also Write To Heal?
T: I have to. That’s the simplest answer. I have depression, severe body image issues, and I can’t grow a manly beard to save my life. I’ve spent decades of my life pretending I have it all together. I clearly don’t.- Writing To Heal Feature

From 18 year writer at When You’ve Been Abused

If it’s one of those days where life is just crazy and there is a lot going on that I feel like I need to think about I sit down roughly an hour before bed and write a list. This list consists of things that I need to think about. I find this interesting because it places value onto my thinking time.Insomnia is a gross feeder.

From A Life Less Ordinary

Listening and being aware of others is so important when doing an act of kindness. This allows you to be much more capable of seeing opportunities. It’s when the action meets the need where the magic really happens so notice….- Simple Kindness Promotes Big Happiness!

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Being Six Years Old in the Kitchen #3

delicate brown trickles
slid down the wall
each led by a tiny bead of coffee
shaped like a tear drop

The Stages of Weight Gain

“It’s water weight”   “I’m bloated”   “It’s just a couple pounds, it’ll come right off”  “I’m doing all the right things”…..The last one is just lying to myself

Enter the dragon

The dragon sweeps onwards

Leaving behind memories

Of purple rain.


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Photography: Paul Militaru


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  1. “My best friend in high school will relate, because we were the most hated students in Ms. Gibb’s class. We had laughing fits, on a daily basis, over stupid shit, like Ms. Gibb’s flock of seagulls hair”
    When You Know You Need a Vacation
  2. Crossing Over (A Senryu)
  3. “Like the dry parched farms,
    My barren soul awaits the shower of your love..

    The monsoon has just began,
    And I see love blossoming all around.”
    Without You…

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Get married, and then go travelling!

….for a South Asian girl to travel by herself is practically like throwing herself in a lion’s den. Waiting to be devoured. To make matters worse, I wanted to go to Bangladesh.


just imagine the human dildos of this world
as snowmen
who through no real fault of their own,
happen to dislike the smell of carrots.

Odd Anecdote 

…rather than answering the question he squinted at me and said, “Are you sure you feel OK, Doc?”


Image by Paul Militaru

Monthly Reading Love

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Abusers and How to Deal With Them in Public

I realize now that this is huge for controllers. If they can’t get my eye contact then it is much harder to start a conversation…a lot is said in eye contact.

Those flowers…

The tall purple dandelion like structures swayed softly in the breeze, and Lucy was almost afraid to reach out her hand and touch them, in case it broke the spell that seemed to be blurring her vision.

To the Nice Guy I Made Finish Last

“You are not a nice guy, you are a desperate guy who can’t handle the fact that a woman is not interested in him. I don’t have to love you simply because you have been nice to me….if you have been nice because you expected me to give myself to you, you are certainly not a nice guy.”

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Open Letter To The Guy That Almost Killed Me

Excuse me if you can’t understand my typo filled sentences. That’s because I can’t tuoe anymore. But first off, thank yiu for so many thinhs. I’ve never tasted sand. Not until you ran me over with your motorcycle…

A Love Poem

I see you walking by the coffee shop, right outside of the window
and I throw my mug, smashing the barrier  into
a million little pieces, so that I might be able to reach you

Death By Toxic Throw-Pillow Fumes

My mother has made a friend recently. This friend is a vegan. Now, some of us may be aware of vegans on the internet… You might even recognize the game “find the vegan”. However, my mother found it extremely worrisome when this vegan tweeted….


Image by Paul Militaru