Mr. Squitten, Oldie with a Mustache

He may be bald, but he had a mustache. Whenever men with mustaches would die in films, I would feel tears coming up. There’s something very innocent about mustaches. Men with mustaches look sadder than they already look when they’re sad. That’s what garners up my care for them.

They look so sad and fatherly.

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Get to know a Mon

Thanks to Afternoon of Sundries for giving me the Sunshine Blogger Award.I am glad you thought of me 🙂 Now to the questions


  • If you could channel your soul into a spirit animal, what would it be and why?“Channel your soul” sounds scary, lol. So just to turn this around- I did think about what creature I would be other than human. I thought ‘a lion’ just to be on top of the food chain. But then I wondered about being a parasite living off of some tree and not having to work for food ever again. I am not sure if any creatures ever eats….tree-parasites. I just don’t want to get eaten.Then again there’s the danger of deforestation. But in terms of which animal I can relate to a lot (and not much about being inedible), I think it would be a dolphin. They’re so smiley and fun.

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My Worst Post, Evah!

You know? My obsession with…obsessions is a bit more obsessive than my obsession for writing. Does that make sense? Let me restate that: My obsession for sh*t is more OCD than my obsession for writing. In hot pursuit (please, I just really want to use this phrase) of getting words outodere, I crashed out in my maxi on my bed. Well, more like being exhausted from reading loads of blogs. Also it’s gotten a little warmer which means….*ding, ding, dooiinnggg* Asthma. Asthma, I can spell this f*cking word. A-S-T-H-M-A. No, I didn’t copy it. Trust me.

I just want to talk about my feelings, that’s all. I am just not certain how to do that (I used the word “certain” likeawhooptidoo) Not long ago I felt like I wasn’t being as free as I used to be with my writing; this room I locked down in my…eh….heart? Yeah, it’s gotten that closed-room stink. The stink that asthmatics will be particularly alert of. Maybe that’s what’s making me asthmatic.

I have imbued the word “happiness” with undue meaning (I used some cool words in this sentence). I just think if I get in good physical shape, get good friends and take part in recreational activities…OK wait those things would make me joyful. I am not sure which f*cky way I was taking that line with. Without thinking too much of what I just wrote, I shouldn’t let instances in the past be markers of my personality. (I used another cool word in this para and that word isn’t “f*cky” really). Gosh, I am going no-f*cking-where with this.

The Place(eary)

My heart longs for somewhearey;

wherever there’s are no judgmenteary..


Update: I actually published this xD

The beautiful Image by my good friend  Paul