Award Q/A

Thanks to Charitha for the Liebster Award.

1) Which is your favourite TV show ?

I don’t watch much T.V but I think it would be Rizzoli & Isles. I love detective-drama shows, I watch loads of them, including Monk, detective with OCD. The reason I like Rizzoli & Isles is because I love how emotional and colorful the show is. My favorite is Isles because she is simple, wordy and kind 🙂

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In thy Future…

Thanks to Amy, Sophie and My Crazy Path for nominating me for the Future Challenge! 😀

15 things (since 3 peeps nominated me, 5×3=15 :P) about my Future:

  1. Become self-employed
  2. Help to end World Poverty by at least 40%? :I
  3. Help people with Mental illnesses
  4. Help people with low self-esteem issues (And me!? xD)
  5. Empower women
  6. Have my own house
  7. Live in America/Australia
  8. Major in English (I no gd Engleeshhh)
  9. Get featured in the media for my work
  10. Marry a sensitive, witty, handsome man
  11. Have one adopted kid and one of my own ❤
  12. Achieve my ideal weight
  13. Be at least 90% OCD-free
  14. Take up basket-ball/baseball
  15. Go to Disney Land in America 😮

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of the Blogger Awards! 🙂

I love this design *_*

  • Thanks to my brother, dferkan, the beauty-hacker, for awarding me 🙂
  • And also thanks to Akiraa, motivational blogger, for this sisterly award :’)

His questions! 😀

1. Which cosmetics store is your favorite?

It’s actually the store I buy shampoos from xD It’s Almas 🙂

2. How often do you go shopping for cosmetics?

The last time I went was three years ago 😮 I need to get rid of my make-up now that I remember the date’s over 😮

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Hello My Precious….D:


Thanks a lot to River from The Wacky World of River Hayden!!! You have no clue how hard I tried before I made my blog at least visually pleasing to myself, so thanks so much!

7 Factos About Mon:

  1. My Aunt calls me Mon-Moni 😀
  2. My Cousin calls me Bingu :I
  3. Sometimes I am called “Monu”
  4. Other times I am just “Mony”
  5. Mon means “mind” in Bangla 😮
  6. Mon is also the name of a language :/
  7. Mon is also a food-brand! Mon Foods!

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Bloggie Reconishion Awadaaa

Whooptidooop. I got recognized :’) In all my life, I am finally…..*dies*

Thanks a lot to Jen and Amy for *recognizing* me :’) 😀

I started blogging without any idea of what would happen. I thought I would just write a shitty first post and then get lost in the web. But it didn’t turn out as that, y’all, since y’all are reading. Y’all are reading, right? Y’all? Continue reading