Tip of the Week: Get an Awesome haircut

I made the mistake of going back to Twitter- again. And again. And again. It’s so easy to log into that fucking site and see who hates whom.

I haven’t done the ‘tip of the week’ thing I did in my audios because I don’t want to write transcripts for my audios. The audio is basically me embarrassing myself but I also share a tip that has helped me and made…..life easier, I guess because I hate hair touching my neck. Aaaannnnndd, I got a super weird haircut that makes me happy and helps me to dry my hair easier after bathing 🙂

The tip is that a great haircut affects you everyday and makes you happy. So go get one. No, I mean it. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’re worth that (unless you’re a mass murderer)



9 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Get an Awesome haircut

  1. me says:

    LOL … You know what … you may have had trouble with the word metamorphosis, as we all do … but the word ‘Fucking’ was crystal clear!!! Beautiful 🙂 … was nice hearing you too!

    btw … my best haircut ever, which I will go back too one day, was a mohawk! So practical with a bit of attitude and a bit of zhoosh 😉

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