Messy thought-vomit

It is incredibly hard to get all the ridiculous thoughts I’ve been getting in my head the past few weeks that I don’t know how to manage to write a post about them. Nothing serious. It’s just it’s all stuffed inside my head and it’s all gotten so old and rotten and now they’re starting to stink in there (Can you ever relate?).  I’ve made countless audio-tapes to express my thoughts but I don’t know how to share them. There’s so much shit to talk about. Not actual shit that’s happening, just all the intuitive thoughts and whatnot in my brain from reading and learning things way different than what I usually learnt.

Phew, I am glad I at least got that out (I am laughing). But really, I can’t expand upon every thought I am having so I am just going to share a few of them in bullet points.

  • Deep-State ( government agencies believed to conspire and manipulate people and policies .)
  • White-helmets aren’t who you think they are
    People can change thoughts and ideas radically. Unless they do something in the present that reflects what they tweeted in the past, you shouldn’t judge too hard. (Rule goes for most people except Trump. He’s always contradicting himself so he deserves no redos
  • I am finding it hard how didn’t want to even care for how Hillary affected Benghazi when I was so emotional about Trump giving voice to Nazis. And not being sure how much more affect Trump’s rhetoric will have in the future. Even though I wanted her at one point, I shouldn’t have been so jaded about whatever came against her.
  • I don’t think anyone who believes they CAN lead a country…..can EVER lead a country with that kind of ego. I am moving towards agorism because I think this is the most possible path of the least wars- and that is to be anti-gov. I am still very new to agorism so defenses against foreign countries taking advantage of gov-less country isn’t something I have answer for. But I have plans to read books about it. Oh wow, and I thought I didn’t have the capacity to expand on anything
  • Anyone who cheated Sanders out of the presidency is part of the resistance
  • I don’t trust most media coverages of cetain incidences anymore. I feel like certain issues are being controlled and limited. It’s suspicious how CNN doesn’t focus much on Palestine, oil-trading with Saudi Arabia, etc. (I hate Fox the most, so don’t think I am only hating on CNN). It’s made me feel CNN is also a neo-con warmonger who’s working, perhaps, with Fox News to divide the people against each other to not focus on who’s (the gov) is actually controlling the People.

I didn’t write them all so clearly but really. I don’t know where my head is going. The way I wrote them seems very immature but I really needed to get these out of my head because these were making me feel restless.


9 thoughts on “Messy thought-vomit

  1. Wendy says:

    Vent away. I learn so much reading your blog. It amazes me that someone in a different country is so passionate about our government when so many Americans are apathetic. You are a good person.

  2. Heartafire says:

    Talk about self aggrandizement… how’s the new monarchy working out? What happened with Bernie is nearly as bad as being in bed with the Russians to get oneself elected, allowing them to commit cyber war, encouraging it, on your own country. I hope to never see HC in public office again, however, Sanders will not be president because we have too many neo cons out there. Most interesting vent….I enjoyed mine too.

  3. The V Pub says:

    Yes, the DNC cheated Sanders, conspired against him for the coronation of Clinton. I had said repeatedly that I wanted Trump, actually ANYONE, to stop Clinton and finally stop their corruption. They are finally gone and hopefully, someone will arise to lead that is interested in the people and not their own self aggrandizement.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I don’t think Trump has arised to stop that. I don’t think anyone can when they’re involved in government, unless except Ron Paul who isn’t afraid to talk about secret operations within the gov to make money. I think pretty much anyone will fall for money, anyone who is ‘chosen’ to lead in the so called ‘democracy’.

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