This week’s update and tip (Audio)

In my last audio, I sounded very different from how I usually sound. It sounded weird, it sounded raw….it sounded weird. I forgot to upload earlier but it’s felt like only 3 days passed since my last audio. Maybe that’s an effect of reducing one of my pills (Joking!) On that note, I am meditating for making up for taking one less pill.

Recently I reduced my rice intake by 3 servings and that did not feel good because I couldn’t move around- I was lethargic, so I increased it by 2 servings again. I guess one health tip won’t work for everyone, some people need more carbs I guess.

This week’s tip: Not everyone of us has positive, sunshiney people around us. Unless you’re in Denmark you aren’t going to meet those kinds of people so much. (Starts making lip-smacking sounds, criticizes self for such sounds, tries hard to not smack lips).

And you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I’ve recently been listening to self-help audios and audios where the people are really positive and vibrant. My brain kind of reprogrammes itself to take in their personalities (from listening to them every single day). I downloaded Audacity that helps you to record audios from videos on your computer, I find it better than video converters online.

Last week’s tip was letting in more sunlight into your house to improve your mood. This week’s tip is listening to people with qualities you want to embody/ We lear n better from listening than from reading. Not just people with great quaqlities, also listen to advice/self-help podcasts/audios too.* Listening is better than reading to me because I take in information better that way than just from reading.

*For example, I’ve been listening to an audio of Overcoming Childhood for a couple days in a row and it helped me to be nicer to myself these past couple of days (instead of blaming myself for certain thought-patterns, eg low self-esteem thoughts and accepting it as something that automatically happens and something I can deal with slowly)



7 thoughts on “This week’s update and tip (Audio)

  1. willytyme says:

    Studies show people listen better when their minds is at ease, that’s what Tony Robbins teaches on his subliminal tapes so you may have some validity there Mon. I love your audio advice, your voice is captivating. Keep it up and take care of your body, mind and soul.

  2. Robert says:


    Thank you for this nice post.

    I am a believer in what you share here about one being the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.

    This is a powerful truth which I get the sense most people don’t take seriously enough.

    All good wishes,


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