2-year-old Blog


Gabriel Corno

Credit: Gabriel Corno


2 years ago today I started a blog because Io thought domains were free (domains without the ‘dot WordPress’-thing after them) but I was disappointed with the sad, hard reality, but I still kept on thinking, “Hey, I’ll be a famous blogger and I am going to buy my own then”. But blogging (let along *trying* to write properly…..really trying to think about grammar structure) is hard. You always aren’t in the mood for it and lately I haven’t been in the mood for it at all. But I wouldn’t have continued blogging without the support I’ve been getting around her- I think, “No, these people, they mine blogger-friends <3” and I stayed. I don’t have much of a sense of humor anymore- I crack up a lot when I read my previous entries and wonder how silly and childish I was (I still am but to a lesser degree). Maybe I am developing the kind of sense of humor that I nor anyone finds funny. At least I knew I could make some people laugh and this gave me the confidence to be sillier in real life too.

The blog helped me to curate my thoughts and ideas- I thought I knew myself fair enough just by being an introvert until I started really writing.


14 thoughts on “2-year-old Blog

  1. davekingsbury says:

    ‘The blog helped me to curate my thoughts and ideas’ – I like that expression! Blogging is a way of keeping one’s audience in mind and any curator who doesn’t get visitors wouldn’t keep their job long!

  2. Robert says:


    Fortunately our value as human beings is not comprised at all from our blogging (i.e., frequency, quality, number of followers, etc.), the opinions of others, or even the opinions of ourselves :).


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