No Net-addiction April

I rate the past three months a 2/10. I exercised, dieted, meditated, studied, cleaned, etc. All the good stuff. It’s just that my addiction with the computer really cuts off all the points I gained, so I am left with lousy old 2 again.

My goal for this month is to only use the internet when I am studying (I listen to podcasts while doing homework) and can use as much of internet as I want after 7 PM. No other time should I get close to the computer.  I know my rating for April will get higher if I follow this one simple rule. I just want to get to the computer whenever I feel bored or anxious- which is a lot of times. I need to replace meditating (and I need to since I’ve reduced my drug intake) whenever I feel an urge to use the computer.

You have any goals for this month? Here’s a funny video to thank you for reading-


4 thoughts on “No Net-addiction April

  1. Robert says:


    My goal is similar to yours….to live life in balance, and not get too connected to electronic devices.

    Funny video 🙂


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