Less Drugs, More Light (Audio)

I am kind of in a weird position. I mean, I am not….that…drugged because that’s what happens when you take drugs. Not unprescribed drugs…for now. I mean, I’m not saying I am taking illegal drugs, I am saying I reduced my (prescribed) drug by one dose. Initially it started to go haywire (in) my head but I think I can handle it. You don’t know how sucky it can be to be with these stupid drugs.*


How are you? I’m talking to an empty phone in an empty room….wait, what is an empty phone? I’ve (also) been listening to a lot of podcasts and I am thinking of making a blogpost where I summarize my thoughts on some great podcast. It’s a little too early to pick favorite tracts but I’ll post some great podcasts in a little while after….soon? No, in a little while, could’ve just said that.

*(Back to elephant in the empty room) I am taking a risk with lessening my drugs. I did this once already before and it didn’t go well. I am taking the lessons I made at that time to reduce the effect of not making the mistake of not meditating enough and reading triggering (political or otherwise) things online. As a millennial with mental illness (Oh lookie, a stereotype….that fits me).

I am thinking of doing a weekly audio thing where I share a tip that helps me. It might help me to motivate me to post audio-vlogs and be more…..action-minded. No you can’t be action-minded, that’s a paradox. You know what I mean, I am just going to share one thing that helped me this week, yeah redundant.

This week I’ve been brightening up the room by pushing away the curtains (more) and letting more natural light in. It, pardon the pun, makes me feel more illuminated. I think that just having a bright atmosphere is so good for your health and we as humans need that. Just to lighten up my mood a little, I’ve been making my room as bright as possible with light. Not necessarily electric light when I could do with only one light and not waste- what I mean is natural light. What I mean is we should light things up….no, what I mean is, increase more light that comes into your room. That’s for this week, don’t blow stuff up or light things up. Just brighten up your room……with light (ha). Bye.


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