People who follow Breitbart tend to respect Israelis kicking off Palestinians off their land as refugees. Breitbarters are like, “Oh, we and Trump are not racist, see how we aren’t anti-Semitic with the Israelis?”

Uh…just like it wouldn’t be islamophobic if you denounced a dictator like Saddam Hussein, it wouldn’t be anti-Semitic to denounce Israeli-leader making settlements where people can’t defend themselves

Here’s a video of Palestinians throwing shoes at a Trump portrait, think what you would do if you were in survival mode and feared getting kicked out of your home…..*Sigh*This video was shared in the tweet by a Palestinian refugee



12 thoughts on “Shoe-Throwing-Party

  1. SunkenThought says:

    Trumps sole goal is to make America for Americans – just as so many other countries are solely for their populace. Granted I disagree with the methods, the process, and for great part the image he is putting out there, a great deal of what he is trying to accomplish is giving America back to the people. Not people who came here illegally, not people who don’t want to become American citizens but want to seek refuge here. A country being solely for its people in and of itself isn’t bad – but when you go about it as he has done… Taking into account our own homeless populace and uninsured as well as jobless population, taking in refugees when we can’t even take care of our own seems a tad daft really. Has nothing to do with race, skin tone/color, creed, religion, etc. We have a mess in our backyard that needs to be cleaned before we can be bothered with offering the lawn mower to our neighbor.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I was talking about Trump’s support for Israel and how Breitbart-editors use the excuse of their jewish writers (a lot of whom are in support of destroying Palestine) are using it as an excuse to say they aren’t anti-Semitic. It would be just as annoying if someone said they weren’t Islamophobic because they agree with the way Saddam Hussein dealt with things. These Palestines are going to end up as refugees and if someone isn’t going to take in refugees, they shouldn’t be supporting in their increase of it. (And I hate Obama for the mess he’s created but he put restrictions on Israel to not settle in Palestine and Donald Trump says Obama was being very “awful” for not allowing them to remove Palestinians from their land). I wanted to raise awareness that ‘supporting Israel’ isn’t as simple as a religion thing, it’s a ‘don’t remove people from their own lands’ issue. And that some people who might not know about Palestine

      • SunkenThought says:

        Very valid point because once someone grows roots into a town, city, state, or country, it becomes their home. To simply uproot them from the place they call home without due course and a way for them to find new settlement, it is both rude and irresponsible. The only way I could see it as appropriate is if the settlers were causing grief for the people already present. If the original populace is being hurt, maimed, or violated then the settlers brought it upon themselves. Otherwise they ought be left to themselves and let them live peacefully.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        The ones who are getting removed aren’t settlers, they are the people from there. The settlers is the leader who refuses to see Palestine as a separate country.

      • SunkenThought says:

        Then they have no right to evict them from their own land. It is both unlawful to take possession of what isn’t yours and insulting to not recognize a country as their own.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I know, that is what hurts about this. But I am glad things like this didn’t continue till today when Pakistan, Bangladesh (my country) and India were seperated *Sigh of relief* Although Pakistan did screw us over the 1971 war, but we won. But things started taking a real toll between Israel-Palestine thing since Yasser Arafat (Palestine leader) died

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I think nothing much will happen again. I think UN will try to be more aware of our existence like they have been of late and also we don’t really have much oil or any resources which are THAT valueable (except for Indigo farming, which the British took from us already when they tried to invade) right now. But I still have some kind of fear

      • SunkenThought says:

        Considering what has happened already in the past, it is only logical to have fear of being put in a dangerous situation all over again. I might not be religious, but I will definitely keep you in my thoughts. I hope no tragedy strikes your country or its people.

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