The Prince and Queen Elizabeth

Although m’fedora (I just..MEMES!) M’Lady didn’t marry but I thought that was an interesting title :3 This week for book reviews are sponsored by the letters ‘P’ and ‘Q’


The Prince  by  Niccolò Machiavelli

2/5 for me.

This book makes it real for you about how some people truly are subtle at the art of manipulation.

Some sentences are way too long, when a simple thing could be expressed more concisely.For example- “It remains now to see what ought to be the rules of conduct for a prince toward subject and friends. And as I know that many have written on this point, I expect I shall be considered presumptuous in mentioning itagain, especially as in discussing it I shall depart from the methods of other people. But it being my intention to write a thing which shall be useful to him to apprehends it……” Ugh.

I read this a year ago but it’s on my read-again list, not because the writing is good, but because I am a gullible simpleton who needs to read this enough times



Queen Elizabeth by Edward Spencer Beesly Image result for Queen Elizabeth by Edward Spencer Beesly

3/5 stars

This is such a well-researched, well-written and unbiased book! I wish I had a physical copy of this where I could mark important lines and dates. There were bunch of names of different people which can make you forget as to whose who. But the main point here is that Elizabeth is a badass lady who defied the socially-accepted ‘get married, Queeny’-law and did what she thought was right no matter what the churches might have thought of her ways. Will be in my re-read list


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