Sh*t my Mom says #1

“Unlike most babies, you didn’t look like a zombie when you were born. In fact, you looked like a one month baby- you were big and you had hair. By the time you were 3-monts old, you looked like you were 8-months old.  You were a freak”

– Mom


13 thoughts on “Sh*t my Mom says #1

  1. perfectpanicky says:

    My firstborn was breech, which meant she had a nice round head that everyone (except me, I was a little overwhelmed) oohed and ahhed over. Sometimes I tease her about being wrong side out or backwards. But “freak” would be a little harsh!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I never knew breech babies were possible until I read this comment. LOL my mom meant it lovingly. She was very worried when the doctor announced I was a bigger baby than usual to have grown so fast in her stomach- but I turned out fine (on the outside, lol)

      • perfectpanicky says:

        I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world, but in the U.S. and Canada, nearly all breech babies are delivered by C-section. I happened to have one of the only obstetricians in North America that still does them vaginally. I didn’t actually know this until after the fact, haha. It was actually easier than my next baby who came the normal way, just took longer to heal from. She came out butt-first. If she’d been feet-first I really would have had to have a C-section.

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