Pointless talking (Audio)

Going back to speaking quietly so my parents can’t hear me. I am back I guess……what do I mean “I guess”? I am talking. Oh my God, I am so cringey. So I just had my dinner and (low self-esteem hits) Oh my God, I am always so….ughh…. (I was just confused over how to express myself lol)

So the day BEFORE (not ‘after’, oh man, why do I do this? xD) yesterday I tried to post something and tried to make it a silly post. Then after reading some news on Twitter I just came back to my post and added my thoughts on the DAPL. I made a really stupid post which was half silly things and half serious things.

I am always losing my mind when I am doing these audio-things. You can’t see me but at times I try to look for shadows under my door to see if my parents are anywhere near. I don’t want them to see their stupid daughter making recordings for whatever….quietly. This is just me on audio. I mean, what the heck would I do if I were making a video? I’d just crack.

On studies, I think I only do well under pressure. When I am not under pressure I don’t want to study- I think that’s the case with most others.

And I wish I could stop breathing into the microphone- but I can’t because that’s…what I do.

[I had to stop it there because Mom was calling me. So that’s me…erm….bye].


10 thoughts on “Pointless talking (Audio)

  1. davekingsbury says:

    It’s fascinating listening to unplanned thoughts like this. Brave of you and much better than anything more contrived … unless, horrible thought, you are reading out a script. Please tell me it’s just a transcript of your recording … πŸ˜‰ … also, how does one go about doing a recording like this. Please keep it simple … I’m 67!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      NOOOOO, I wasn’t reading from a script xD If I was, I would’ve be half as bad. Yeah it is a transcript xD I just recorded it on a phone, it’s nothing fancy. I didn’t know you were 67, I have so many elders to learn from here :3 Thanks for taking an interest in my blog πŸ˜€

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