Women’s March, Liberal Fake News and White House’s “Issues”

Just to let you guys know that I am back to my other blog. Shared some thoughts on recent issues again :))

Peach of Steel

Hi guys I am back 😀 I’ll share some great things I’ve learnt on the net-

Video of women’s march. Make no mistake, this march happened around the globe in the fight against the Republican candidate- LINK

A channel that subscribed to Breitbart news featured a black man- ‘Big Joe’- who shared his opinion on why the Women’s March shouldn’t happen since Trump was elected fairly (hence, he’s perfect) and that minority of violent protesters are what all the protesters are about (quite unlike how the minority of Black criminals shouldn’t be generalized for all blacks? …you obviously see I don’t agree with him). Here’s the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPqrimR8GWw

Here’s a screenshot I took of  this channel subbed to Breitbart-


Speaking of Breitbart, a lot of advertisers are taking their advertisements off Breitbart 😀 CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST.

I just found out that indeed we were cheated by the…

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5 thoughts on “Women’s March, Liberal Fake News and White House’s “Issues”

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Right? A lot more advertisers should do this, I can’t follow all of those advertisers on Twitter but I followed some of them. These brave, empathetic people deserve a lot of respect

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