10-Day’s Recap

Trump is #notmypresident…..’cos I live in Bangladesh. Ha!? Oh wait…Trump is the Earth’s president. We have a saying in our family that whoever is America’s president is the  world’s president. Though I’s say he is the president of America and developing countries who can’t defend themselves against Western economic policies being forced on them…..or Obama/Bush’s drones, which if Trump doesn’t bomb any country- I will like him more than Obama because, honestly, though Obama helped people get more jobs- Obama used the people’s tax money for bombing and gave money to other countries to drop drones. It only makes me wonder how easily it could’ve been my country based on the way things have been going around here. (Don’t mistake me for a Trump-supporter, I preferred Bernie-Jill Stein-Gary Johnson-Hillary-Paul Ryan in that order)


Less crazier things happened this week other the inauguration of the President of the Worlds.

1. Two of my biggest exams before Uni (Just 5 more left!) are over with.

2.One of my relatives got married without telling most of us other relatives- which made me upset because I was the closest to her among all her cousins- I was awake till 2 AM just by the shock of her secret wedding.Although a more ‘official’ wedding of hers took place to make up for the secret wedding but I couldn’t attend it because this is exam week. I am thinking of visiting her sometime next week.

3.As for my mental-health- I’ve been meditating a lot and my mental-health is a lot better. My pills haven’t been as annoying as it used to be- I guess it takes 3 years for a pill to get used to? Huh. Also I’ve noticed that now when I wake up, there is a stillness in my head because I meditate before going to bed every night- does that inner-stillness last the whole night? Maybe, which is cool, I need all the non-anxiety I can get.

Based on my overall progress, I would rate the last ten days a 2/10, which is an improvement from before.

How has your week been? 🙂

18 thoughts on “10-Day’s Recap

  1. Alex says:

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  2. Alex says:

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  3. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I write my Congressmen today for the first time in my life against the president ( I can’t even use his name). He is dangerous and a narcissist. Dangerous not only to Americans but to the whole world….far more than Obama could ever think of being. He is only out for himself and this is because is a clinical narcissist so will do whatever it takes to make sure his needs are satisfied. He is completely unfit to lead a country… Just my opinion. Sorry for being so strong here, but there are many, many very scared Americans.

  4. perfectpanicky says:

    I feel horrible because Trump is president, but I feel like if I say I feel horrible, I am making it all about me and pre-empting the people who are going to be more harshly affected (because I am white, heterosexual and cisgender, and have relatives who can afford to bail me out if I lose my job, I am probably going to be OK no matter who is president; but I feel terrible for everyone else). But if I don’t say anything, then I feel like I’m trivializing it and making it seem like I don’t care. A lot of my friends went to marches in the city today, but I was lucky to uncurl myself from the fetal position on the sofa.

      • perfectpanicky says:

        You know, my parents were awful in some ways, but they did a really good job of raising me not to be hateful or obnoxious just because some people are different. I grew up in a place where most people are poor and nonwhite, plus my oldest friend is gay, so I learned to be accepting from the start. It is harder for people who are raised in harder environments to learn empathy, but even they can at least make progress. I live now in a place that is harder, but even here, people are marching. I have SOME hope for the future!

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I know, I had to learn empathy from the internet or else I’d definitely have become hateful being in an environment where I am taught the same things and taught to feel the same way over and over. I still have some issues but so far I can recognize them when the culture-conditioned mind speaks to me xD I have some hope though lol ❤

  5. Robert says:


    This is good to hear about the stillness. It can become more enduring and deeper with continued meditation.

    All good wishes,


  6. GirlfromGhana says:

    Haha. I like your introduction😁. Well I come from a developing country and I hope that now Trump is president my government will strive for financial independence. All American presidents since George Bush Snr have been to Ghana. I really hope Trump doesn’t come here. All the best in your exams. ☺ I also hope your anxiety gets better.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Thank you, and yeah, I hope so too. That Trump’s lots cheap labor came from our side of the world- lots of garments sectors worked cheap for this dude and he talks about bringing back jobs 😡 I do hope too, all the trees on our land will die if he steps foot here. Thank you so much for the wishes ❤

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