Save Affordable Care Act! (Obama Care)

Oh man, this has gotten so real! Americans you have to save your health-care system-


22 thoughts on “Save Affordable Care Act! (Obama Care)

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    /soapbox on/

    ObamaCare did much more damage than it did good. The problem with the previous system was that it was already over-regulated. Instead of allowing insurance companies to operate across state lines, and limiting fraudulent claims via Tort law reform, the U.S. Government entered the insurance industry as a competitor. When that happened, it imposed new laws that penalized the private companies. Many of those shut down or severely limited their coverage. The free market was squelched.

    Many physicians and medical facilities opted out of ObamaCare (as did our physician) due to the increased government-mandated paperwork and the time-lag (or lack) of reimbursement.

    Not only did ObamaCare adversely affect the Insurance industry (1/6th of the U.S. economy) it crippled private business. Companies that couldn’t handle the load of providing insurance for full-time employees either laid them off or reduced them to part-time status.

    Those who believe that nationalizing ANY industry need only look at what happened in Venezuela in mere decades.

    /soapbox off/

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I’ve just been caught up on reading from people who say how much this has helped them and their loved ones. I didn’t know what went behind to be able to do that, how much money was forced away from other insurance company. Do you think something better needs to replace it or do you think just repealing Obama care is best?

      • Bunk Strutts says:

        I believe the excessive government regulation of the private insurance industry should be relaxed to allow competition between insurers. This method reduces price, allows for a variety of coverage types and levels. At the same time ObamaCare can be phased out within a year. ObamaCare is an unnecessary burden on employers and individuals – the engine that drives the economy.

        Government-sponsored healthcare for the destitute is already available via Medicare.

  2. Robert says:

    Like your other posts, this one is nice :-).

    We are braced for many unknowns in this new, and visibly insane, political landscape.


    • Mon ☠ says:

      It does. First the House of Ethics and now this. Dang it, we look mostly to the West to see how other countries can improve on itself- but it’s just making the rich richer

  3. JaMesa says:

    Lol, are you serious? When the healthcare industry became more about profits than treatment, many American’s were extremely upset that they were forced to buy health insurance. Would you want to pay 2-3 grand a year for a service/product you do not trust?

      • perfectpanicky says:

        Obamacare involves requiring everyone to either buy health insurance or pay a fine for not doing so. This means way more people get covered than before, including healthy people, who are shouldering the costs for the unhealthy people. Overall I think the system is better than before, because it results in more people being able to get coverage and evens out the costs. However, its critics absolutely have some good points, such as, it makes a ton of money for the insurance companies that don’t always provide good care in return.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I haven’t really understood the importance of this until I’ve been reading tweets from people who say how AAC helped them. It really feels like sth the GOP should’ve consulted with their voters first. I am glad more lives are saved but again it sucks too if people on low/moderate wages are forced into paying insurance.

      • perfectpanicky says:

        I’m pretty sure people below a certain income get some kind of government help paying for the insurance, like a rebate of some kind. It’s designed to make it to where everyone can afford to be insured, which is cheaper for taxpayers in the long run than large numbers of people going without treatment and then winding up in the emergency room and then not being able to pay the bill.

      • JaMesa says:

        I am a single male with no children and healthy (haven’t visited a doctor in my adult life…14 years). Why am i forced to pay for something i don’t use

      • Bunk Strutts says:

        JaMesa January 22, 2017 at 5:11 PM
        I am a single male with no children and healthy (haven’t visited a doctor in my adult life…14 years). Why am i forced to pay for something i don’t use

        Because it is a tax that has nothing to do with health care, and everything to do with governmental control of an individual’s health.

        “Hello, Mr. Smith. Let’s see… you’re 65 years old, and your medical costs are kinda on the high side. We also notice that you voted for THAT party. Please step over to Line B and we’ll get to you eventually.”

      • JaMesa says:

        Business should not be involved in every aspect of human needs as it is today (Food, water, shelter, energy) another example is lack of public transportation. You cannot survive in America without a car, unless you live in a major city. The mandated fees associated with this (Insurance, registration, title transfer, license renewal). You have to agree that business has overreached by exploiting people’s basic needs of living…

      • Bunk Strutts says:

        JaMesa January 22, 2017 at 5:10 PM

        Insurance companies exist and they’re allowed to make a profit just like any other business.

        You are not required to purchase insurance unless you yourself are a risk factor to someone else, or to their property. Fire insurance protects your mortgage lender, auto insurance protects those who you might injure or whose vehicles/property you might damage, and that makes sense. You want to insure your own car for collision damage? Go ahead, but it’s optional because personal loss doesn’t affect anyone else.

        Then came ObamaCare. What most people need is major medical for extreme circumstances, but ObamaCare made such a stand-alone policy illegal.

        We all got screwed, and that includes the private sector insurance companies who supported ObamaCare then got chumped.

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