Productivity what again? :3

The last 9 days, I’d rate a 1.5/10 (That’s like 15% for me :p) and I rate it as so because I’ve studied *seriously* only three of the days (a total of 5 hours…and that;s because I had a big exam lol) and I meditated 10 minutes everyday. And I try to (re)tweet as less as possible on politics :p I only retweet now when I think something REALLY needs to be said about something. I am going to start exercising again from today. How has your new years been so far? Did you set any goals? 🙂

As per tradition, some of my favorites-



5 thoughts on “Productivity what again? :3

  1. Deb says:

    I haven’t done much so far this year. I would probably give myself a 2 out of 10. I do need to pull my socks up a bit. Goodluck.

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