Book Review: The Ego Machine by Henry Kuttner

Week 3 of book reviews 😀 This week we have ‘E’ (should I add an exclamation sign? I am not that excited but these are fun to do)

The Ego Machine by Henry Kuttner


My rating: 2.5/5

 This one has good writing amid some unnecessarily boring details. The writer is very witty.
I was a bit confused when I read, “Cog almighty,” which the robot said, and I learnt it was was the name given to some kind of a tooth-gear. I know, I keep saying this, but I hate jokes that infer to anything religious of the matter!

Anyway, other than all that, the suspense was good but the beginning of the book seemed the most boring, I just read on because this book started with the letter ‘e’ (….and I wanted to read a book with the letter ‘e’, obviously enough). I was also curious to know what science fiction writer from the 50’s was like. I feel like a lot of science-fiction writers from the past have predicted the behavior of robots very well, considering the time the the authors themselves were from.

Today people have been harmed and some killed at the hands of robot. In the book, the part where the robot was unwilling to do anything other than what was programmed in him was awesome, especially when it tried manipulating the main character to wear a dangerous helmet which drove him insane later on.


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