Tuesday Productivity (Mindfulness Week)

Tweet of the day-

I didn’t do a good job with the Tuesday Productivity and I fear because of exams imminent,

This week I will dedicate to mindfulness. I’ve already tried this before and it’s a great way of being mindful, and that is-make it a goal to be mindful of getting lost in thoughts (after you accidently get lost in them that is) as many times asyou can. The more you are mindful of not being able to be mindful, the better. In addition to practicing mindfulness in general, I think this is a helpful tip to enhance the mindfulness experience.

I once made it a game that if I didn’t notice my mind getting lost in thoughts at least 30 times a day, I wasn’t doing good enough .I think it is a more compassionate way of being mindful instead of being annoyed when you get lost in thoughts.  I first heard of this trick from one of  Sir John Hargrave’s interview  of his book “Mind Hacking“. (And he mentioned he gave himself the ‘Sir’ in front of his name so that people take him more seriously).

Alright so my progress so far with other things-

I am getting fitter! I’ve reduced my daily rice intake by 2.5 handfuls and I’ve already stopped gaining weight. I’ve also stopped the ridiculous habit of asking my mother if I looked like I lost weight because I tried to approach my health in a gentler way, because Mother makes enough comments on my looks already (and she’s pretty overweight as well).

And I am making an effort to speak more with the….acquaintances I have now. Trust me, it’s hard. Like I said, once you say something, you are required by people-law to fill in the gaps or by speaking more instead of moving on and staring into space…..unless that person happens to speak more than you, than it makes things easier. But I’ll try more. I have to adjust to the ‘real world’ and see ‘small-talk’ as just the clues as to how great my  connection with someone might be if…ugh I sound like an alien inspecting humans.

My goals for this week-

  1. When not studying or reading, try to be mindful and notice whenever you get caught up in your head. At least notice it 30 times per day!
  2. Finish  exercise 1-3 from 5 years in Q/P (Weird Study-talk)
  3. Stretch every day

What are your goals for this week? How’re you been doing in terms of self-growth?




20 thoughts on “Tuesday Productivity (Mindfulness Week)

  1. melpenguin says:

    Haha, “people-law” and ” alien inspecting humans” – I feel that way too 😀 For all my psychology education, I still can’t quite figure out homo sapiens consumerensis…

  2. davekingsbury says:

    Sounds like you’re doing pretty good under the circumstances. I reckon you deserve a day off, where you lie on a sofa watching rubbish television and eating comfort food! And I love your phrase, ‘I sound like an alien inspecting humans’ … often feel like that myself, in fact, it would make a good blog!

  3. Jokerswild says:

    Funny Cena reference although I do agree with his mantra, Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. You know, the fights I watched over the weekend, the interviewed on of the female fighters and they asked her about her opponent and the fight and she looked at the lady she was fighting and said, “I see you in ICU!” *funny*
    It’s always great to stay in shape but there is really no scientific way to determine if someone is overweight, that’s what I was told. My nurse told me I was overweight, I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s hard to calculate height, growth, age and other stuff into it.*confused look on my face* Don’t worry about filling in the gaps in conversation, they say an expression is worth a thousand words.
    Weekly goals, huh….sounds like something to work on. I don’t know if putting the word “sir” in front of Joker, I wont get laughed at. ;o) I’ll stick to Hargrave’s book, “Mischiefs Maker’s Manuel”. LOL
    Keep up the studying and good luck on those weekly goals….those are ones to grow on.

  4. Suad Kamardeen says:

    Hey Mon!

    In terms of self-growth, I just finished an amazing book called Declutter Your Mind by Barrie Davenport and Steve Scott! You should have a read, it’s very practical! However, I don’t know if it’s sold in bookshops.

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