Random and All Over the Place

Last two times I tried to update on my life, I wrote on US-elections. From today, I hope I can update more on my own life…..Annnnd I have ONE thing on the elections to say ! (hee!) Just as I thought (and mentioned in the last post about Trump slowly transitioning into less Trump-y-isms), now that Trump is slowly dropping the rhetoric he used to get elected (he even removed the ban-Muslim texts from his website) he did this-

I just hope that Trump at least keeps slowly resolving the divide between the groups.And I hope much more of Trump because he is all you’ll have now.

I think an awesome way Republicans and Democrats can slowly get along this year is to avoid social-media all together. A good ol’ media-fast. Because even in hopeful posts like the one above, you’ll see  Twitter users’ hate being spewed on and on.

And I just love leaving random funny tweets here and there in my posts.

Onto more personal things- I keep deleting everything I write. I don’t how to go from where when I can’t pull out random every0day thoughts into my blog like I used. I feel like it is the exams that are getting to me.

Oh and I think I made some friends…..I think? People call anyone who talks to them daily their friends (erm….haha, I mean, that’s how it could go) but I can’t. I just won’t have peace until I fully feel comfortable with the person and I feel like I can share 50% of my thoughts, and that itself is tough to do.

I sit away and sometimes at uncomfortable tables (by which I mean, those awful ones that don’t allow you to put your leg through from under the desk because of the awful ways the stands for the table is placed) just so I don’t have to sit beside anyone. There’s always the pressure to fill in the gaps of silence and I can’t do it unless I can share my real foolish self. I used to have social-anxiety because of a combination of this pressure and the fear of people not liking me (yeah…fear).

Now I don’t fear the other breathing, shitting humans, but rather, I feel more the pressure to talk, the pressure of speaking on things I feel nothing about. I could talk more about the pressure of not being able to fill in the gaps than on the simply everyday petty things like how someone’s dress looked, what I’ve been eating, what I’ve been wearing, where I’ve been going. I like to focus on the reflections on those things than the things itself.

Anyway, here are some things I hope to do today-

  1. Not use Twitter any more today
  2. For every minute I study, I reward myself the same amount of time to read books I enjoy
  3. Do maths in the morning




6 thoughts on “Random and All Over the Place

  1. Jokerswild says:

    Artist use lies to tell the truth while, politicians use them to cover the truth up. People shouldn’t be afraid of their government, it should be the other way around….a quote from a very good movie. Trump is going to be a back peddling President, he’ll try to please his supporters and deliver to his doubters and that includes saying whatever lies it takes. And you’re correct, Trump is who we are stuck in the forest with. Maybe in four years I’ll ask you, as Taylor Swift would put it, “Are we out of the Woods?”
    Don’t delete what you write because what you write is right because you write it, my daily tounge twister.*scratches my head because I didn’t even get it* As I venture into your past blogs, you seem worth the effort of knowing. I like to know people who knows themselves but you’re right, comfort is like a blanket fort….it has to be built. (Yes I used to do that)
    On a side note, we are allowed to be petty sometimes, I complain about what people wear, eat and say even though it doesn’t concern me.(big smile)
    1. Social media, it’s over rated if you “follow” me. (A twitter reference)
    2. Keep up the studies, what are you trying to get into if you don’t mind me asking. And reading is a must for me, so many books and only two eyes….unless you wear glasses.
    3. I like math too, but I try not to count on it.
    I loved this post but in all honesty, I do hope Trump stops giving the world something negative to talk about. Take care and have a nice day.

  2. Heartafire says:

    Re Trump. You do know the he has appointed Steven
    Bannom a semi closeted white supremist as chief strategist. Just saying

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