Ma blaug!

I haven’t been able to access my blog for more than a week! I know other Bangladeshi bloggers who had the same problem. I finally can see my main page ~_~

And I think I am making some friends…..I am slightly happy but regretting it too because that means I have to talk with people ~_~ I like talking! Just when I can talk about things I talk about in this blog, like not being able to talk easily. Okay, I will be getting back to your comments after this post.

I am reading Code Name Cassendra (Meg Cabot) right now and so far it’s a perfect balance of ‘good enough’ and ‘boring’ ~_~ Book reviews will hopefully come soon.


13 thoughts on “Ma blaug!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I was able to type from the ‘post’ page but I need to start writing more in the times of when Westerners aren’t sleep, quite possibly why you missed my tweets xD The times I’ve been posting where at times when most of the readers of my blog are asleep or at work, at 3:AM, 4:Am, Monday afternoons etc lol

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