Tuesday Productivity

I forgot my goals xD But I’ll continue with the idealism, even though it’s sorta impossible to be ready for one of my exams by the end of the week…..but we shall see O_O And I HAVE to get back to meditating. I am more antsy now. And I’ve got my BP measured and naturally, it’s pretty low. I am having less carbs now because of my drop in BP levels, so in a way, it is forcing me to eat more healthy (or eat less unhealthy, same thing…right?)

  1. Record 7 hours of meditation on phone
  2. Get ready to give one of my exams by the end of the week
  3. Finish four books

What are your plans this week? How did last week go for you, productivity-wise?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Productivity

  1. davekingsbury says:

    before my University Finals – and freaking out – I took up Transcendental Meditation. Just 20 minutes morning and evening calmed me right down. Good luck with achieving your balance of work and play …

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Meditation is pretty helpful, but I won’t be doing anything that has ‘transcend’ or ‘surpass the ego’ in it, haha xD Scary things xD Thanks for the wishes :DD

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