Tuesday Productivity

I did nothing! ‘Cept share some funny tweets…..And I need saline!

I know, it was the simplest of tasks. Write my todo list everyday. I didn’t do it. Maybe it’s the simplest things in life that are the hardest to do (lol). I think I do best when the tasks are pretty idealistic. Like reading 7 books a week, and I read 6 I think. My tasks for this week

  1. Be ready to give my A’Levels by the end of the week (Oh boy, idealism shall end here)
  2. Meditate for 7 hours
  3. Exercise for 5 minutes anytime before showering. Remember that if you put off exercising for too long, it seems like a long, dreaded task, which it isn’t.


What are your plans for this week? How did last week go for you, productivity-wise?


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Productivity

  1. davekingsbury says:

    I resolved to make no resolutions … as you can see, I failed! Are you taking A levels soon? Good luck, anyway, that meditation should help your recollection. It helped me during Finals – I knew more than I thought!

  2. Wendy says:

    You didn’t do so bad. Well, did you completely forget or did you try? You didn’t try did you? You just forgot to do it didn’t you? That’s me with my gratitude journal, I remember to be grateful, I forget to write it down. We’ll get there.

    Last week I was sick so I didn’t check in or create a to do list for the week. oh well, I guess I accomplished everything this week….nothing. LOL
    This week…what do I plan to accomplish?
    1. Get outside at least once every day unless it’s raining.
    2. Stop over eating. I failed on that one today.
    3. Don’t get mad over the little things. If I do, get over it really fast and don’t let anyone know.
    Think I can do it? Right now I’m not too sure. I’m feeling pretty blah today.

    You can do yours I know you can.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      The thought kept popping up and I was like, “Oh, do it later!” And I ended up doing nothing (story of my life). That’s a good goal, going outside everyday 😀 And wow, such sweet goals you have *feels warm and squishy* Haha. Good luck, wish I had such aweome people close to me x3

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