Monthly Bengali Hymn 1

My favorite lines of the lyrics (translated to English) under the videos

“Friend, just for today

Let’s bathe in the sun’s shower”

The only witnesses were the moon and the stars

But one day you’ll get caught, ‘Friend’

Oh, the binds of romance

Pulling away from it is no use

“If you were the night, I would be it’s stillness

“If you were the river, I would be it’s wetness

“If you were life, I would be romance

“Stranger of a bird, how does it ever go about? Within the cage?”

“If I can grab you from in there….”

“My mind,  still caged”

I decided to ‘refresh’ my playlist and still keep the all time classic songs. Anyway, here are the best from all the posts I shared. I am deleting most of the previous posts on the music series and starting  on a new start 😮 🙂


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